The Secret to Loving Your Business through the Pain

The reason it feels so painful and scary to grow your business sometimes is simple, and knowing the reason will bring you huge peace of mind and take off the pressure, if you let it… allowing your success to grow naturally.

Many women agree: the worst physical pain they’ve known was that of giving birth to their child.
Many people agree: the worst emotional pain they’ve known is losing a loved one.

When we birth a business, we’re experiencing two-fold pain. First off come the labor pains of getting this vision out from inside our head & heart, and into the world.

As if that s-t-r-e-t-c-h isn’t enough, we’re  simultaneously losing a loved one…our formal self.  We’re losing our old comfortable self who experienced safety from things like… receiving a paycheck from someone else, relying on a schedule someone else set for us … and so on.

This is enough to take 95% of people out of the game of entrepreneurship. The fact that you’re reading this article puts you in the top 10% of initiative-taking humans for even attempting to grow a purpose-based business.

So, what if pain didn’t have to be bad?

I ran 5 miles today for the first time in months.  It hurt.  But now, I feel great inside. I feel great for pushing open the door that closed at mile 3 when my legs began to ache and my lungs began to scream.

I felt great for punching through my story that pain is bad or that experiencing pain means that life is hard.

Does the sea glass scream when the ocean polishes it?

As you take action steps in your business this week, allow the oceanic divine polishing of your heart, soul and dream to occur without you labeling it as struggle or a sign to back off or doubt yourself.

You are here for a reason.

I think you know that by now or you wouldn’t be in this Women on Purpose community with fellow entrepreneurial sisters alongside you…  loving their future clients enough to move through the pain rather than stop.

Love them, to not move forward at this point would be so selfish when you know you can change lives…
Please forward to anyone you think will benefit from this article.
Keep going.
We’re loving you,

Sage & team

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9 years ago

Sage, this is so true for me this week! I’m running a workshop on Saturday & the stuff that was coming up started to make me think I want to have a break from all this ‘business stuff’ or even perhaps even call it a hobby. Still a work in progress, but I’m realising it’s just the Saboteur at work wanting to keep me safe in my old ways. Is scary to grow, but how boring life would be otherwise. Thanks for a great article!

Linda Dean
Linda Dean
9 years ago

Thank you so very, very much for articulating a portion of what my Soul has been attempting to tell me for several months. I just exhaled relief, awe & inhaled gratitude. No one in my has been close to comprehending this. I couldn’t either.

Linda Dean

9 years ago

Hi Sage and company! Thanks for the timely article as I am in a biz boot camp that is intense! We are in week 3 and I started to get in overwhelm at all the marketing hype, tools and tactics. I am coming from a place of love and heartfelt business model learned from your words and wisdom. I had to take a step back and breathe and remember my core values and why I am here. Yes we are birthing this baby in 12 weeks time. Thanks for your continued support for all of us conscious entrepreneurs! Blessings my friend.

stefanie campione
9 years ago

I loved your article. Pushing through pain is good.

Catherine Dietz
9 years ago

This is a beautiful article – I love it! Thank you so much for sharing your love and for encouraging and supporting the entrepreneurs that are sharing their love!


Anna Yeisley
9 years ago

Wow. So true, Sage. Thank you for connecting the idea of starting a business, to both birth and death – that is so profound. I’m slowly moving out of my paralysis – I’m attempting to form a clear vision for creating a life purpose with income; perhaps my paralysis is linked to an unconscious dread of pain of giving birth to a new life!

I started running again just yesterday – you ran 5 miles, really? I was croaking after 1/4 of a mile (its been a long time). So your article really struck a chord with me because I’ve been way too easy on myself, mentally, emotionally, physically – I’ve been out of work for several years and have managed to exist with relative ease and pleasure except for the relentless compulsion to act and do – knowing I have a tremendous calling to change this world for the better!) and I am becoming less and less comfortable in my nest of comfort!

I want to do more. I’m meant to do more. Thanks for continuing to nudge me in the right direction.


Kira Slade
9 years ago

Thank You Sage. Your timing is impeccable as usual. This is a beautiful validation of the pain we feel when we are moving forward. Not to mention that there are many emotional blocks that need to be released before each push forward. I’m in one now and all I can say is ouch!! send me love please I’m so close. I’ve figured out all of my major distractions that have been pulling me away and I’m in the process of dealing with the biggest one! addiction to Romance has pulled me away from my lifeswork my entire life and I have finally let go of that one yeah!! Love to all who are hanging in there and perservering.

9 years ago

Thanks Sage – this is so … timely. I got up this morning feeling so frustrated and ashamed about the status of my business. I know I am doing what I am suppose to be doing not because I am egotistic but based upon the feedback I have received and the difference I have seen in people’s life. My problem – the story that I have told myself. Money is not important – as long as I am helping others. I am so sick and tired of this story that I had to confront myself. All this happened just this morning and then I came onto your site and saw this entry. Confirmation that I am on the right track!

Thanks so … much!

Rachel Henke
9 years ago

The analogy of the pain of birthing a business really resonates. It’s amazing how creating a purposeful business can be so joyful and yet so painful at the same time. Thanks for sharing your insights.

8 years ago

This reminds me of Lao Tzu: “How can I be polished if I mind the rub?” Not saying it’s easy, but… worth it! Thanks, Sage, for this article … it really is strengthening me… I was just about to give in to a nap..which I KNOW came on to avoid doing work I don’t exactly feeling like doing today. So… what would a 7 figure CEO do? I know: Go to Sage’s BLOG and read something inspiring!

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