The Secret to Loving Your Business through the Pain

The reason it feels so painful and scary to grow your business sometimes is simple, and knowing the reason will bring you huge peace of mind and take off the pressure, if you let it… allowing your success to grow naturally.

Many women agree: the worst physical pain they’ve known was that of giving birth to their child.
Many people agree: the worst emotional pain they’ve known is losing a loved one.

When we birth a business, we’re experiencing two-fold pain. First off come the labor pains of getting this vision out from inside our head & heart, and into the world.

As if that s-t-r-e-t-c-h isn’t enough, we’re  simultaneously losing a loved one…our formal self.  We’re losing our old comfortable self who experienced safety from things like… receiving a paycheck from someone else, relying on a schedule someone else set for us … and so on.

This is enough to take 95% of people out of the game of entrepreneurship. The fact that you’re reading this article puts you in the top 10% of initiative-taking humans for even attempting to grow a purpose-based business.

So, what if pain didn’t have to be bad?

I ran 5 miles today for the first time in months.  It hurt.  But now, I feel great inside. I feel great for pushing open the door that closed at mile 3 when my legs began to ache and my lungs began to scream.

I felt great for punching through my story that pain is bad or that experiencing pain means that life is hard.

Does the sea glass scream when the ocean polishes it?

As you take action steps in your business this week, allow the oceanic divine polishing of your heart, soul and dream to occur without you labeling it as struggle or a sign to back off or doubt yourself.

You are here for a reason.

I think you know that by now or you wouldn’t be in this Women on Purpose community with fellow entrepreneurial sisters alongside you…  loving their future clients enough to move through the pain rather than stop.

Love them, to not move forward at this point would be so selfish when you know you can change lives…
Please forward to anyone you think will benefit from this article.
Keep going.
We’re loving you,

Sage & team

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