Why I took my team to Hawaii

Hawaii Team JeepThis is a topic that is tender to my heart, my team. There has always been something about letting other people help me that is humbling and even scary.

How is it for you to ask for help…like in a big way?

Having a small army of rockstar women willing to give their lives for my vision has been … hard to receive to say the least.

How are you receiving?

Being in Hawaii with my team was the greatest joy of my year.

Let me be clear, I didn’t take my team to Hawaii, they earned the trip because we hit our goals this year and grew our company by about 20%.

Here’s my best piece of advice for when you hire and train your first assistant (and many of you already have) and/or when you are growing your team.

Find out what your assistant or team wants and make a plan to create it with them. This is the key to letting go and co-creating. Of course you have the final say, but find out what your assistant wants, and why she wants it! This way she’s invested in the outcome (or He!)

Example: If your goal is to fill your practice, let your assistant know what that can create for your business. An example would be that if you can triple your revenue, the two of you could do something fun together. Where would she want to go? The spa? A weekend getaway? Or would it be more fun to go shopping for something specific? Or would she rather volunteer at a children’s shelter together and bring the kids gifts? What does YOUR TEAM MEMBER want… what motivates her? (or Him!?)

Coach your team or your assistant the way you would coach your clients, and allow yourself to be coached by them.

The only way we can truly grow and reach more people is when we let go and stop trying to do it all alone, and if we really want people to be IN it with us- we have to find out what THEY want to get out of it.

Our Operations Queen, Jenn Sebastian, loves having Fridays off. Our Head of Coaching, Shannon Fisher, loves it when we send her to get a massage…

And even though it took a little convincing, my entire team was pretty darn motivated about a trip to the big Island!!

HOT TIP: Find out what your assistant or team enjoys the most, and build incentives into your work so that they can work toward that goal, business is a lot more fun when we have a joyful WHY to work toward!!!

Hawaii Team SwimAnd… what I didn’t realize was how nourishing it was going to be to splash in the ocean on a black sand beach and drive through the jungle in a jeep with these amazing women.

And through it all… talking about where we’re going as an organization, what we each want from the business next year and of course … the topic no group of women can ever avoid…boys, I mean – men!!

But don’t worry, we got our work done, we always do! And I know you do too!!

What is one thing that you would like to experience with your team in the next couple of years?

I can’t wait to hear your responses!

Let’s do this thing Goddess, together!!!


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