WRB_Cover#1) A Purpose Clarity Audio

3 Steps to Clarify Your Life Purpose & Make Money Living it
Audio Training with Sage & Darius Barazendeh

Here’s the link

#2) Three Money Breakthrough Exercises

Click here: Grab your 3 Transformational Money Experiences…

My clients tell me these are game changers for their ability to make more AND keep more money!!

#3) Sage Lavine interview with Neale Donald Walsch

“The Spiritual Solution to Confusion”

This video interview I did with Neale is among my favorite interviews of all time. There’s no better man to help you find clarity by connecting to the divine than Neale Donald Walsch… Enjoy!

The video is here

#4) Sisterhood Support Masterminding Template

Use this outline for a highly productive masterminding, brainstorming & accountability session with a fellow sister on the Entrepreneurial Path. You’re going to LOVE this!

Grab your Template here

#5) Superpower Survey

Here’s access to my favorite process for asking your friends and family, those who know you best, to help you determine your superpower…

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#6) Sage’s Official Mission Statement Business Template

+ 25 Marketable Mission Statements

Here you’ll find special access to my in-depth mission statement template I use with my clients, along with 25 examples of marketable mission statements my clients have tested & approved.

Grab your Mission Statement Template & Examples

#7) Your Financial Freedom Calendar

Work 12 days per month or less by using my example FINANCIAL FREEDOM Calendar & Blueprint… and a downloadable template to create your own Freedom Schedule – design your ideal month!

Download your Freedom Schedule here

#8) Feminine Enrollment Client Attraction Template

Discover how to use the GROW Model to have an authentic Enrollment Conversation…The Woman’s WAY!

GROW Template here

#9) Sample Referral Partner Promotion Materials

Get exclusive access to our Promotion Partner Packet we’ve created for our online Niche Clarity Training Program – use it to model your own referral partner materials after!

Get your Promo Partner Packet Here

#10) Hiring Process Templates

This bonus includes:

  1. Detailed ads that I’ve run to hire customer service managers, online business managers, bookkeepers, financial advisors, marketing managers, etc.
  2. An extensive list of interview questions I’ve used for both written and in-person interviews; and
  3. Scripts for checking references.

Grab your Hiring Process Here

#11) Downloadable Done-For-You Signature Talk Template

Plug your content into this pre-crafted outline to create your next speaking engagement that’s designed to gain the attention of clients and customers.

Step 1 Grab the template here

And then… here’s the link to take the quiz:
Step 2 Take the QUIZ: What is Your Speaker Superpower?

Knowing your style will help you tap into your natural style of leadership so you can rock
the stage.


Use this recipe to consider your own book proposal. Together, with examples from Sage’s book proposal you’ll see what Publishers are looking for when they consider offering book advances and getting behind your book.

Get the Book Proposal Recipe Here

#13) Attend the 3-Day Rock Your Online Sales Retreat

Craft your 90-day launch plan, uplevel your money mindset, create your mission-driven message & marketing, and so much more.

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