These two happened at the EXACT Same Moment (CRAZY)

Confession: It’s difficult for me to let go to grow.

launchconIt’s hard for me to trust things to happen when I’m not there.
It takes a lot of faith.
But, I know I need to… if I want to reach more people.

Today marked an incredible moment for me.
I was asked to speak at my mentor Jeff Walker’s event which is a huge honor.

But what was EVEN MORE COOL, was that simultaneously… my incredible colleague, friend and trainer for my Women Rocking Business system, Sirena Andrea, was running our Bay Area Women’s Business Meetup with my Head of Coaching, Shannon Fisher.

If you’re ready to reach more people, regardless of what level you are at, you have to let go.

If you are like me, if you can be a bit of a control freak (No, not you!)… Take it from me, it’s worth it to let go.

You can start by letting go in little ways.

HOT TIP: Get a friend to make phone calls to potential clients on your behalf. And, you can make phone calls for them!

That way, you have an instant team & INSTANT CREDIBILITY!

How much better does it sound when someone calls on your behalf and says:
“Hi! This is Kelly, calling from Sage Lavine’s office!”

meetupJust for the record, I’ve made peace with my control freakish tendencies because I know it’s part of what makes my business great, that I hold myself to a certain level of excellence.

Big takeaway: Your inner control freak is a valuable part of you!
Love her up… and… be willing to stretch beyond what is comfortable for her.

>>>QUESTION: What do you have to LET GO OF…
To get to the next level?

Post below on the thread.
I look forward to reading your answers.

Let’s do this thing, Goddess… Together.
Your clients are waiting.


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