(Video) Bhagavad Gita Biz Lessons

Have you ever noticed that highly successful, high achieving people tend to be less stressed out? There’s a calmness about them.

I was just at a mastermind with my dear friend Shanda in San Diego, and we were noticing this about all the 7-figure earners in the room.

Secret confession: I was a little more stressed out than usual because I’m about to launch my book… but I did my best to keep my “cool”. LOL

So what’s the secret to staying calm amidst entrepreneurial craziness?

Answer: Stop trying to do so many things at once. And, sometimes it doesn’t quite feel that simple, does it?

If you find yourself getting distracted by bright and shiny objects that want your attention, or simply saying YES to TOO MUCH, I hope you’ll watch this video.

One of the things that happens when we get overwhelmed with all that we’ve said yes to is that we fall pray to a victimization story.

“Poor me. I have so much to do!!” (Forgetting of course that we chose all of it.)

In fact, Arjuna from the Bhagavad Gita is such a teacher to me… have you read it?

I remember reading about Arjuna pleading with God… Why me? Why have you chosen ME to be this great warrior?

Meanwhile, the Universe is smiling down on us… proud of our hard work and wishing we would surrender to the support that is ALREADY here for us.

Here’s a few of my best tips for not doing TOO MUCH:

Here’s the skinny, Goddess, on exactly what I did to get to 7-figures & the freedom that accompanies it. And while my life isn’t always totally perfect, I can honestly report that I reap the rewards of these choices every day. There’s no way I’d want to go back. I’m so friggin grateful for the business I have and for the women I get to work with.

Here’s what I recommend:

1) Prioritize 1 big business project at a time. Stop following so many people. Choose a plan, stick to that plan, and work the plan. Stop taking on so many small projects…. It’s just too darn distracting.

2) Focus on Income Producing Activities – choose a proven strategy that works to get money coming in the door. Don’t reinvent the wheel especially when you’re just getting going. Focus on what it will take to get those next 5 clients or customers. Focus on filling your first group program.

The sooner you can get yourself out of financial scarcity and into financial comfort, the better. This will afford you an entirely different set of choices in your life AND your career.

3) Stop defaulting to old ways of making money that don’t value and honor who you’ve become. Raise your rates. Surround yourself with mentorship and an entrepreneurial community who believe in you and stick to what you know you’re worth.

4) Trust your mentors. Trust others who have created what you want. Focus on building relationships with potential clients… remember that connection = currency.

5) Notice when you get distracted. Our world is BUILT to distract us. Unsubscribe from extra email lists. Set yourself up for success by setting normal work hours and taking care of yourself in your free time.

Keep going GODDESS!

There’s 1 THING… ONE THING… that will help you turn the corner in your business – allowing you to reap the rewards of a sustainable entrepreneurial lifestyle.

What’s YOUR 1 THING???

Post below.
Your clients are waiting.

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