The Holy Grail of Business (Barcelona #2)

I got on a train in Barcelona, not sure whether I would make it to my destination, Monsterrat, Spain, to visit the temple that houses the original Holy Grail from the Arthurian Legend.

According to legend, many of King Arthur’s knights dedicated their lives to finding the Holy Grail. They believed it offered redemption for all of humankind if they found it.

It got me thinking…

What is the Holy Grail of business?

What is the key to our salvation as women entrepreneurs?

I’ve been on this entrepreneurial journey for years, and I’ve coached thousands of women on the path of rocking their business, and this is what I know to be true…

The Holy Grail of business is commitment.

Not just the commitment you make once to your business, but also the commitment – the re-commitment – you make to your business every single day.

As we build our businesses we move beyond our comfort zones. This is when our fears and doubts raise their heads and snap at us: “I don’t think you’ve got what it takes to be successful,” and, “Who do you think you are?”

These fears and doubts are very intimidating. They can even shake us up and make us question our commitment.

I see this again and again in the women I coach through my yearlong program: they reach the middle of the program or the middle of a big project they’re working on and they get stuck in doubt. They passed the edges of their comfort zone and are now out in “no woman’s land” wondering, can I really keep going?

YES. You really can keep going. That’s what commitment requires: for you to get on the train of your business and keep on riding it.

It’s like my train ride out of Barcelona. I thought I was heading to the right place. There were times the train was underground and I was just waiting to view the Spanish countryside.

I heard an inner voice question this trip: “What if it doesn’t turn out like you hoped?” and “What if you spend hours on the train and never get to where you want to go?”

I could have let that inner voice of doubt shake me up. I could have gotten off the train and turned around.

But I didn’t.

I re-committed to my journey. I re-committed to staying on the train and trusting the mystery of where it was taking me.

This is what I really want you to know, Sister…

In order to recommit to your business, day after day, remember these 5 essential pieces of women’s wisdom:

#1: Trust the mystery that lies in front of your business everyday.

We can’t see what’s beyond our comfort zone and yet it’s only beyond those borders that we thrive. Creating a rocking business requires trusting that what is out beyond where you can see is cheering you on from a distance.

#2: Give yourself permission to play.

There are so many days in your business where you just need to sit your butt down and get sh*t done. To make sure you’re in balance with yourself, take time to go on adventures, explore and play.

#3: Have a sisterhood of support.

It’s so easy to believe the voices of doubt and fear when you are all alone. That’s why it’s essential to surround yourself with people who have your back and are committed to your success.

#4: Pace yourself: it’s a marathon, not a sprint.

Many masters share with us the wisdom that, “We repeatedly overestimate what we can get done in one year and underestimate what we can do in 3 years.” So rather than filling yourself with an unnecessary sense of urgency that everything has to be done now, breathe into the long term sustainable vision you have.

#5: Know your cause.

What do you really care about? How do you desire to give back or pay it forward? Women Rocking Business has raised almost $1 million for humanitarian projects over the last several years. Having a cause that I’m really passionate about gives me motivation to keep on going, beyond the edges of my comfort zone. What gives you motivation to keep on going? If you don’t yet have a bigger “Why?” or cause… get one. It will make all the difference.

Remember these 5 pieces of women’s wisdom everyday. Allow them to inspire you to recommit to your business and to your ideal clients day after day. This is essential if you want to impact a lot of people, increase your income and change the world.

The train in Spain did ultimately deliver me to Monsterrat, where I got to tour the beautiful sacred site where the Holy Grail was. I was grateful I stayed on the train! And I’m grateful to you for staying committing to YOUR business.

POST BELOW: What do you need to recommit to, Goddess, to serve the clients who are waiting for you?

You got this.


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