(Video) How to Stop Pushing & Start Thriving

There’s a point in our business where we say… this is TOO HARD!
I just don’t want to PUSH ANYMORE!!!!

Mama Goddess would ask you though… how do we get the baby out if we’re not willing to RISE UP AND PUSH! There’s a way to do business that’s aligned with the feminine AND the masculine.

And with all the planetary shifting that’s happening at the moment, it’s critical for you to have the tools to do your work without the strain.

I heard from a client the other day that this video changed a LOT for her last year in her regards to her relationship to painfully pushing in business.

So, I wanted to bring it back around for you!!!

Watch this video to hear my recipe to stop the painful push and start the joyful birth…

So glad to have you in this tribe Goddess.
Let’s do this thing… TOGETHER.

Your clients are waiting.


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