(Video) Intentional 7-Figure Partnerships

I don’t always talk about this part of my success but I truly wouldn’t be where I am without my partners. I have a group of partners I meet with several times a year, including Jeff Walker, Justin Livingston, Susan Peirce Thompson and more… these folks are committed to supporting me to grow my business, and I am committed to supporting them.

We didn’t all start out as successful entrepreneurs.

We grew into being successful through commitment, authenticity, personal growth and a willingness to grow together.

You have ALL the qualities of a successful bad-ass entrepreneur inside you and if you’d like to partner with other go-getter entrepreneurs at an even higher level, check out the video:

Secret #1 to growing intentional high level partnerships is that generosity breeds generosity. When you show up with resources, willing to support people beyond what you thought you could do – you’ll have people showing up that way for you.

It’s business partnership karma, and it goes a LONG way.

And you are a generous being beyond measure – or you wouldn’t be here.

Secret #2 is to include your values and your personal journey in your marketing. Don’t forget to share the personal stuff with your audience.

Remember, content tells but it’s your STORIES that sell your business.

Secret #3 is that your ability to scale and reach more people is entirely dependent on your personal growth. In the video you’ll see a snippet of an interview I did with Jeff Walker on this topic.

Your ability to do your own work and create integrity and honesty in ALL areas of your life will spill into your business success again and again.

Your ability to effectively lead your assistant, your team if you have one and your clients, and to apologize when you mess up, and make it right – it’s these things that put us on a track to creating more change and HAVING more too.

You don’t have to be perfect, you get to be human, but you have to make it right when you mess up.

Alright Goddess – for the rest of the good stuff – check out the video. I even spliced in a couple minutes with Jeff Walker at the end.

You’re gonna love it.

>>> POST BELOW: What is YOUR commitment to YOURSELF as you grow to reach more people??

I can’t wait to hear.

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