What I Learned from My Team in 2022 to Make Millions

I’m feeling so blessed heading into this holiday season.

I recently held my annual team retreat with all of the incredible rockstars behind Women Rocking Business (I’ll share some million dollar team tips below!) 

What did we do at the team retreat? We explored our different styles of leadership, set powerful goals for 2023, celebrated our AMAZING clients and all the lives we’ve transformed together.

Plus, we laughed. A lot. (Have you ever played 2 truths and a lie? It’s hilarious!)

As we head into the holidays and New Year…
Here are 5 practices from my team that have helped us earn MILLIONS… so you can start thinking about growth & expansion in 2023. 

#1. Commit to a Big Vision

Every member of my team is 100% committed (more like 1,000% committed) to our mission of supporting women to launch their businesses, create financial freedom, and make a big difference on the planet. 

It’s the reason why we show up.
It’s the reason why we go the extra mile.
It’s the reason why we pour our hearts into the women in our business academy.

We’re a team of 20+ leaders from different backgrounds and life experiences… all unified by this big vision. 

#2. Celebrate Varied Leadership Styles

At our team retreat, we did an exercise to explore our different styles of leadership. We used the Leadership Assessment by Leading Edge Teams to discover the four categories of leaders: squad leaders, trailblazers, professors, and ship captains. 

We had several leaders in each category in our team. The learning here was that it takes a diversity of leadership skills to create a strong and balanced team!

#3. Get the Right People in the Right Roles

When you first start your team, you’ll have people wearing MULTIPLE hats. For instance, my COO has been our launch manager AND our affiliate manager for as long as I can remember. When I hired her, I warned her that she would be wearing several hats, and she was UP FOR IT. 

When you have a smaller team, make sure people are up for the challenge! Being a part of a small business growing from the ground up is exciting for the right people, make sure you hire people who are up for the journey with you!

As we’ve grown, we’ve been able to hire a marketing manager and project manager who manages launches… to support her BIG TIME. 

Now, we regularly assess our roles and responsibilities, and we even have the team build out their own roles & responsibilities document… so everyone is clear and confident in their specific zones of genius. 

#4. Communicate & Collaborate

Getting your team working together makes their job more fun AND can help remove you as the bottleneck. Working together is more fun… and happier team members create better results! And who doesn’t want to be HAPPY!?

One of my favorite things about my team is how much they LOVE working together. Collaboration is a big piece of our workplace culture. We recognize that we create our best impact by working together to make it happen. 

We’re not hesitant to jump on a Zoom call, create new Slack channels, and take time to plan our projects so we can work more collaboratively and improve our communication.

#5. Solve Problems Together

Encourage your team to collaborate and problem solve and bring you their solutions! As the CEO, you need more solutions and less problems to keep your schedule manageable. 

Trust your team to figure it out! My team’s ability to solve problems quickly & creatively is one of the big reasons why we’re experiencing growth and expansion during a time when businesses are scaling back and running out of resources. 

When the pandemic first hit, we had a 700+ in-person event scheduled.
We had less than 2 days’ notice to pivot the event VIRTUALLY and deliver on our promises.
My team & I got super committed to doing whatever it took in the days prior to the event to capture every little change we had to make.
…and we pulled it off.

We made over $1 million at that event. 

When you instill a MINDSET into your team that you are more like a sm

all performance troop than a big corporation & prepare them for pivoting when necessary, you’ll come out ahead and prevent your ship from sinking… no matter what happens! 

I hope these practices help you consider expansion for your business in 2023…whether you’re hiring your first assistant or scaling your business to a team of 20+ leaders.

All of us at Women Rocking Business are wishing you an incredible, abundant, expansive 2023!

We are the rising tide that lifts all boats.

Let’s do this thing…together.

Sage (& the Women Rocking Business Team) 

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