What I learned (personal): Evolutionary Entrepreneurs ($33K)

I’ve been drinking in the interviews from last week and enjoying connecting with all of you on Facebook about the learning you received…

I want to share something personal that rocked my world from leading this series.

It’s been a very vulnerable and personal goal of mine to get out of building my business from adrenaline. The truth is that feeling that surge of urgency and power that adrenaline brings can take me out of my heart.

My selfish reason for holding this series was that I KNEW all the speakers involved would help me return to what I know is possible in building a business from a state of BEING.

Sage_Christina_Bow1This series changed me at my core.

I had my photographer Christina Morassi (she rocks) send me this image last night from a women’s photo shoot I was involved in right after the interviews were complete, I was feeling so much gratitude for YOU and the shift we made together with Evolutionary Entrepreneurs.

And this rocked my world too…

My personal goal was to raise $10K for the Rainforest and we more than tripled that with over $33,000 for the Rainforest and Pachamama? This is an example of how we can exceed our expectations when we let go and get out of our own way.

My favorite part of the series was when Neale Donald Walsh taught us to change our lives in just 1 minute a day, 6 intervals of 10 seconds each to “return to source”. Didn’t you love that? I’m so curious… Are you trying it??

This is a format you can do within the context of your business ANYTIME.

If you know you want to grow your business, and reach the people you’re meant to reach on the planet from a place of BEING and not DOING….

Find out more about this in my upcoming complimentary video training on the Freedom Formula – How to work 12 Days a Month & Give back … stay tuned, it’s coming!

It’s so easy to think that choosing the right strategy is going to help you reach more people, but without the alignment to OURSELVES, the best strategy in the world won’t get you the results you want & deserve.

I taught you, along with Ocean, Bret & Stephen, how to promote yourself and reach your clients without becoming overwhelmed. There’s so much to DO as a business owner, you need a map that you can trust will get you there, or you risk spinning your wheels, wasting your energy and getting kicked off the wheel of flow.

We’ve left a few interview REPLAYS for you to access on the page…
Click here to access a handful of our chosen interviews

And don’t forget – your clients are waiting for you.
Not someone “ ” you… they’re actually waiting for you.

PS. We left a handful of the most popular Evolutionary Entrepreneurs replays posted this week if you didn’t catch them already. Here’s that link once more.

What people are saying:

Tatiana EL-Khouri I’m excited to listen in today! I’m an artist and recently formed a nonprofit Road to Artdom.

My intention is to fully accept my path in life and journey with confidence
January 28 at 11:05am

Myrna Fontanez Hi from Palm Coast, Florida.
January 28 at 11:05am

Kim Jones DOn’t have a career. Have a calling.
January 28 at 11:06am

Kynette Shields Yakima usually, So Cal till March Elle McSharry
January 28 at 11:07am

Kim Jones I’ts on a Flash player
January 28 at 11:07am

Laurel Geise Hello eveyone! My name is Laurel Geise and I am a spiritual teacher, author and speaker empowering people to live a soul-guided life. My book is “The Jesus Seeds: Igniting Your Soul-Guided Life”. My intention for this experience is to meet -minded souls who are brining their calling iinto being. Thank you for this forum. I am grateful…..xoxo
January 28 at 11:08am

Elle McSharry Kynette Shields, cool!
January 28 at 11:08am

Kynette Shields Career: Realtor… Calling. Spa Design and Process for Tranformation in one day with grace and ease!
January 28 at 11:08am

Margy Russotto Hello, wonderful to be here with all of you.
January 28 at 11:08am

Kim Jones Not compromise the core of what we are as we grow our business…Firnly anchor in your state of peace by focusing on the breath
January 28 at 11:09am

Sage Lavine So good to be here with all of you -Shannon thank you!
January 28 at 11:09am

Elle McSharry Kynette Shields sounds interesting, would love to hear more sometime about your spa idea. I create transformational processes for women and have run retreats, too.
January 28 at 11:09am

Sage Lavine Kim Jones good note taking!
January 28 at 11:10am

T LaShawn Seabrook Love is already present. -Panache Desai
January 28 at 11:10am

Miya Jaglowski Hi
January 28 at 11:11am

T LaShawn Seabrook Life is going to happen…it’s about how to respond to life as it happens. – Panache Desai
January 28 at 11:11am

Quadira Sophia I take a passionate stand for empowering women to create radiant health, music, inner peace, joy, play, laughter, and beauty in their lives!!! I offer Laughter Yoga and Play Coaching.
January 28 at 11:13am

T LaShawn Seabrook I didn’t set out to be famous. I had something in me that had to be expressed. Panache Desai
January 28 at 11:14am

Elle McSharry Quadira nice!!
January 28 at 11:14am

T LaShawn Seabrook You’re attaining instead of allowing…
January 28 at 11:14am

Kim Jones Going inward through meditation is what will help you ride the waves of our daily lives/business day. Love it!
January 28 at 11:15am

Kim Jones Wheere do we begin our spiritual expression? Just be willing to go on that adventure. Magical synchronicity will manifest in your life!
January 28 at 11:17am

T LaShawn Seabrook We as human beings are hard-wired for collaboration. – Panache Desai
January 28 at 11:17am

Bill Aal going beyond our comfort zone
January 28 at 11:18am

Shawn Buchanan My business model is a bit different Under The Baobab Tree we started this org/business to help empower single mothers in Africa, we exist on line but now want to have a actual building….how do you move on from where you are..is ot a natural progression or do you need to force it bit? Thank You..
January 28 at 11:26am

Bill Aal clarity comes from taking action
January 28 at 11:18am

T LaShawn Seabrook Clarity comes from taking action. – Sage Lavine
January 28 at 11:19am

Kim Jones It takes courage, You have to be willing to go on your evolutionary journey. There is some discomfort and let that be ok.
January 28 at 11:19am

Shannon Fisher I LOVE what Panache said about having a Niche rather than painting in broad strokes!
January 28 at 11:21am

T LaShawn Seabrook Don’t be afraid to have your unique voice. – Panache Desai
January 28 at 11:21am

Anne Jenett Love what Panache Desai is saying. His message really speaks to me and perfectly goes along with what I am teaching and coaching on. Awesome!
January 28 at 12:09pm

Lezahlee Patrick This is so powerful! i havee had non-stop chills.
January 28 at 11:22am

Elle McSharry your business has to align with your core values….
January 28 at 11:22am

T LaShawn Seabrook End the illusion of transformation, because we’re only ever striving to become who we already are. – Panache Desai
January 28 at 11:25am

Elle McSharry once you know yourself as your soul…..you have a platform by which to source your self-expression from love
January 28 at 11:25am

T LaShawn Seabrook I’m very polarizing and I love that! – Panache Desai
January 28 at 11:26am

Lory Diana Rosenberg Wow! This is an amazing presentation — Sage, the look on your face as you listen is so blissed out!
January 28 at 11:26am

Elle McSharry T LaShawn Seabrook totally!! that’s a great thought/quote
January 28 at 11:27am

T LaShawn Seabrook Upset the status quo and upset the apple cart! – Panache Desai
January 28 at 11:27am

Jenn Viola We’re only ever striving to become who we already are! Pick a soul focus that ends the separation in you ;0)
January 28 at 11:27am

T LaShawn Seabrook It’s more painful to sit on this message than to bring it! – Sage Lavine
January 28 at 11:29am

Kim Jones What you think of me is none of my business…It’s hard to truly own this concept but it sets me FREE!
January 28 at 11:30am

T LaShawn Seabrook Be outrageous! Don’t hold back! – Panache Desai
January 28 at 11:30am

Bill Aal if I lived my life for approval, I would not be here
January 28 at 11:30am

Elle McSharry Bill Aal nice!
January 28 at 11:31am

Bonnie Robertson So far my journey has been working on finding my voice to help others find theirs.
January 28 at 11:33am

Margy Russotto May we all find the courage to move forward with our message in grace and ease!
January 28 at 11:33am

Bill Aal A mature level of concious disruption based o love
January 28 at 11:33am

Laurel Geise Panache Desai, fantastic guidance! Awesome! Thank you for being with us today….xoxo
January 28 at 11:34am

Michelle Galatoire Awesome guests, Sage!
January 28 at 11:35am

Courtney Brophy such a beautiful conversation! thank you for this – shifting going on!!
January 28 at 11:35am

Keith DeBolt personal transformation never ends…!
January 28 at 11:35am

T LaShawn Seabrook The price you have to pay for transformation is honesty! – Panache Desai
January 28 at 11:35am

T LaShawn Seabrook Just because everyone is doing it doesn’t mean that it is true or real. – Panache Desai
January 28 at 11:37am

Bill Aal The experience is your foundation and your guide’
January 28 at 11:37am

T LaShawn Seabrook The entrepreneurial journey will destroy everything about you that is false. – Panache Desai
January 28 at 11:37am

T LaShawn Seabrook Everything is energy! – Panache Desai
January 28 at 11:39am

Sandra Kimler Well done raising money for the rainforest! I’m so proud to be part of it.
January 28 at 11:42am

Margy Russotto So awesome to be part of this
January 28 at 11:42am

$25 Amazon Rainforest Donation – Sage Lavine
Donate $25 to the Amazon Rainforest… the lungs of…
January 28 at 11:42am

T LaShawn Seabrook Elle McSharry I soooo identify with that thought/quote!
January 28 at 11:45am

Margy Russotto Love Panache, thank you for message
January 28 at 11:45am

Bonnie Robertson Thanks, Elle. I’m in a Health Coach training program, and will help others achieve health through diet and lifestyle. An ESSENTIAL element is spiritual health and emotional support. Listening to Panache was having a brick fall on my head, on my consciousness and made me realize it all has to do with self-empowerment and realizing we are all working toward becoming who we already are.
January 28 at 11:47am

T LaShawn Seabrook Yes, that was statement was LIFE! “Your work is the excuse for the Divine to love creation!” – Panache Desai
January 28 at 11:47am

Dorothy Suter Panache was great! I’m looking forward to Neale Donald Walsch!
January 28 at 11:48am

Elle McSharry Bonnie Robertson that sounds great work! That’s a good brick
January 28 at 11:49am

Paula Houlihan Thank you Sage for putting this together. I was so engrossed in Panache’s interview taking notes and taking it all in…that I forgot to jump on the FB group!

My take away (one of many) “We’re only striving to become who we already are!” LOVE this. So true.
January 28 at 11:49am

Jennifer Mackey OMG, Neale Donald Walsch & his CwG books saved my life; he’s a rock star to me!
January 28 at 11:50am

Shawna Wedeking Diemer I love Panache Desai! My hope is that he continues to help and love people as he does now! He is ONE of the only spiritual leaders who seems to want to help our world, and not his wallet! Thank you!
January 28 at 11:52am

Anjara Alexi Loved Panache’s talk..I am doing the same work..that is always the focus of my life, no matter what, consistently studied, developed, taught, lived, expressed. Now I am working on including myself in thriving and health, and freedom..giving myself full permission to embody and the courage to speak out again, AND connecting this with money flow.
January 28 at 11:53am

Kuljit Kaur Sehmi Panache has inspired me to stand and speak my truth of changing the health of the world with more courage and boldness and not be held back!!!! Te truth is that nothing is” incurable”.Wow
January 28 at 11:53am

Samantha Sweetwater I feel deeply empowered to share ALL of me: the dance, the medicine woman, the visionary activist working on a divestment from Big Ag movement, and the founder of ReFarm, a fund to support carbon farming. YES! It’s a big plate, and I can do it, and I can collaborate MORE. Thank you!
January 28 at 11:56am

Dorothy Suter I didn’t know I was going to donate, but I had to donate…
January 28 at 11:57am

Oonagh Foran Taeger Sage, thank you for showing us your home! That gave me a surge of belief!!
January 28 at 11:58am

Anne Jenett Sage – you are such an inspiration! Your feminine visionary approach. Your love for the rainforest and it’s inhabitants. Thank you!!!
January 28 at 12:04pm

Kathy Roberts WOW, this is so AWESOME!
January 28 at 12:06pm

Michelle Melendez You’re doing GREAT Sage! Love you!
January 28 at 12:06pm

Rebecca Snowball A-mazing!
January 28 at 12:06pm

Cathy Lidster Neale’s books certainly helped to wake me up many years ago! I am grateful for his Conversations with God
January 28 at 12:07pm

Valerie Mirto Thomson Wonderful, wonderful…
January 28 at 12:08pm

Rebecca Snowball Yes, Cathy, me too! My biggest take-away from God, when he was talking to Neale, is the power of I AM!
January 28 at 12:08pm

Kuljit Kaur Sehmi Neale has shown me the way to having my own conversations with God and opened up my intuition which is ever evolving with peace, love and fulfillment. I can’t thank you enough for touching my life.
January 28 at 12:09pm

Ysmay G. Walsh Hi Sage. I’m in the webinar today because I want to better articulate my altruistic why, and develop a better way to help more and more people achieve transformation. I had my doubts before the webinar started, but now I see how foolish those doubts were. This webinar is amazing. Thank you, so much Sage, for putting together such a wonderful, inspiring, uplifting, event.
January 28 at 12:09pm

Mehdi Cauche Hye from french from france , thank so much to offer so much actual wisdom and divine grace
January 28 at 12:10pm

Hilda Johansson Thank you so much Sage
January 29 at 12:55pm

Karen Bailey “Darkness cannot drive out darkness: only light can do that. Hate cannot drive out hate: only love can do that.”
― Martin Luther King Jr., A Testament of Hope: The Essential Writings and Speeches
January 29 at 12:58pm

Esther Frances Lynn, this is the awareness that needs to be cultivated to create peace. The scapegoating of “evil” will never bring us the peace we seek. Love, compassion and understanding these root causes is the way. Thank you Lynn! Yes, yes, yes!
January 29 at 1:00pm

Julie Bloomer In response to Sage’s request about what we are doing, I just published a book entitled – Gracie’s Tail: Conversations with DoG. It touches on the topics being raised in this summit about the power of love and how we are all connected.

Colleen Dunn Saftler Rather than die for something, what are you willing to Live your life FOR?
January 29 at 1:06pm

Chris Adams I would LIVE for greater peace. Peace though greater empathy and understanding. Thank you Sage and Lynn! Thanks Coleen for your qualification
January 29 at 1:13pm

Karen Bailey What an amazing story.
January 29 at 1:15pm

Kim Jones Spirit of life informing my life/ business and a contribution to the planet…and we will become a social prophet. while making profit. Yay!
January 29 at 1:18pm

Loyd Major I believe that my vision comes from the spirit of the earth – the vision includes planting forests on private unimproved lands
January 29 at 1:18pm

Paula Houlihan I’ve heard Lynn share this story several years ago. So powerful. So compelling. It made me want to travel to the rain forests then and calls to me still. Love the statement you made Sage, that these people don’t want us to “save” them but that our fates are intertwined to support each other.
January 29 at 1:18pm

Esther Frances Love Lynn’s story……..Yes, thank you for this encouragement….. I’ve been on board since the days of the Hunger Project, had the blessings of being in class with both Lynn and Bucky in a program back then, and I want to say I have found that Sage i…See More
January 29 at 1:22pm

Laurel Geise Lynne and Sage, thank you for an inspiring Video Summit! Love being here with you. Many blessings to you….xoxo
January 29 at 1:23pm

Kynette Shields wonderful story Lynn Twist shared. she is so powerful and has made such an impact on our planet and in our world. much love and respect for that woman.
January 29 at 1:25pm

Heather Blankinship so powerful Sage Lavine…
January 29 at 1:25pm

Karen Bailey Thank you, Sage!
January 29 at 1:27pm

Mona Das Lynne Twist is such a wonderful woman! I had the privilege to see her speak and meet her at my grad school graduation.
January 29 at 1:29pm

Laurie Kornilow Thank you Sage and Lynne!
January 29 at 1:28pm

Megan Lynch Ditto Sage…what an inspiring moment…..We are the people that they will be singing about…..amen as we reach this moment in humanity.
January 29 at 1:29pm

Maribel Rodriguez Very inspiring women today. Thank you for sharing your wisdom and love!!
January 29 at 1:29pm

Lori OfthehouseRebman thank you
January 29 at 1:29pm

Esther Frances WONDERFUL!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
January 29 at 1:29pm

Kayla Moore Awesome!!
January 29 at 1:30pm

Linda Eve C this is so incredible. listening to this is an infusion of energy, hope and love. thank you from my heart.
January 29 at 1:31pm

Kiala Colette Ryder Awesome………this feels so wonderful!! I love us all so much!!!
January 29 at 1:32pm

Serena Fennell The big take away I got from this was staying with my authentic voice and putting it out into the world, with boldness.
January 29 at 1:35pm

Pauline Lomas Thanks so much for the energy infusion…..I am currently attending a clinic in switzerland for breast cancer. I wrote a book in 2009- AND SO WE HEAL…..my goal is to help others going through the ‘cancer journey’…..you have given me a boost to continue on this path to helping others…Big love xpauline www.andsoweheal.wordpress.co.uk
Pauline Lomas’s photo.
January 29 at 1:39pm

Hazel Hutchings I want to say a how grateful I am for this wonderful series that has been put together. I am unemployed at the moment, but have some great ideas. Sorry I can’t donate right now. When I signed up for this I didn’t realise it would benefit the Pachamama Alliance. I have been following them for years and have signed a lot of petitions. Looking forward to more Aha moments tomorrow.
January 29 at 1:43pm

Megan Lynch Loved the joy pouring through all of you as you share what is dear ro you. Jennifer Amen on praying for 31 days.
January 29 at 1:47pm

Vicki Takeuchi Wynne Thank you, Lynne, Sage, Jennifer, and Rikka! Takeaways: Rikka: Your edge is where the energy/God-state is. When you open up in your pain and suffering, you bring in divine love to heal. Jennifer: We must love ourselves authentically and full out! Use …See More
January 29 at 1:47pm

Sebrena E. Burr Sage, a since THANK YOU beyond what words can describe. Before my spiritual break through I could feel Mother Earth crying. Not that she has stopped crying, but I realize that I am a part of HER healing. My ancestral memory called me back to the Red…See More
January 29 at 1:51pm

Audra Hosking My new path is reconnective healing Resonance – Reconnective Healing . my background is in communications and marketing. I feel so good having had the last six speakers talking about authenticity; because that is how I want to conduct my business and…See More
January 29 at 1:52pm

Audra Hosking Just donated now. Such a small price for such a great gift and worthy course. Thank you so much for all your generosity and that of your guests.
January 29 at 2:01pm

Shenpen Chökyi This whole offering is so amazing ~ I’m getting so much value and healing from it all…but haven’t been writing on here as it was going on as I didn’t want to miss anything! So many transformational moments ~ Jennifer’s process sparked a huge release…
January 29 at 2:20pm

Janell M Goplen Loved the event today Sage Lavine!! Thank you for introducing me to some very special people!
January 29 at 2:21pm

Kirsten Barfoot Patti Thank you Sage, really enjoying the event!! Love the endless wisdom being shared! xx
January 29 at 8:25pm

Jo Ann Hammond-Meiers I really enjoyed the speakers and the quality of the presence and message of each person was outstanding.
January 29 at 8:37pm

Elvrine Chow Aloha from Kauai!
Thank you Sage for this amazing tele video summit with the opportunity to help save the Amazon rainforest and assist the native people there. Lynn’s story about being called was so cool!
My passion is flowers and their way of healing.
January 29 at 10:59pm

Thulani DeMarsay Sage, blessings to you for organizing this powerful group of enlightened entrepreneurs and transformational leaders. I had been struggling with a few fears of my own and over these past couple of days, I have witnessed a breakthrough in my life and I am even more resolved to living authentically!! In Gratitude, Thulani DeMarsay, Boston.
January 30 at 4:26am

Jocelyne Poirier Wow! my first time I really relate to people talking the same language as I feel it and marvelousely adding some concrete ways of putting actions for rREAL results
January 30 at 7:51am

Jocelyne Poirier Namaste
January 30 at 7:51am

Pauline Crespin I am loving this. Cannot describe what I’m feeling inside.
January 30 at 9:56am

Michele Frick Saxman Thank you for gathering these incredible, inspirational people into one summit! The recordings have been an added blessing – messages I have been able to share with loved ones. I am changed! I have a sacred reason!
January 30 at 10:08am

Audra Hosking It’s 5am in Australia, didn’t think I could wake up, and without setting an alarm, every morning there has been an insect scratching on the window, or a bird call waking me up with just enough time to make a hot drink and sit down for these amazing, inspiring and recharging interviews. Thank you.
January 30 at 10:55am

Debora Seidman This is my first day being able to be here live…so grateful! Just listened to Rikka recording…amazing. My movement is: Women’s Voices Rising For Life On Earth…helping women writers break through their blocks to bring forth their greatest vision.
January 30 at 11:00am

Debora Seidman Thank you so much Sage and amazing presenters…
January 30 at 11:00am

Karma Davis Sage you had all my favourite speakers , and I share with you having been energetically enhanced personally by Rikka, Panache,& Jennifer my newer energetic cyber tribe, & Neil Donald Walch was a big influence over 10 years ago . From this summit I have been inspired to want & think of myself as an Entrpreneur , so thank you , loved loved , participating in this event
January 30 at 11:02am

Shannon Fisher We currently have people watching from 26 COUNTRIES AROUND THE WORLD!!!! Welcome to all, we are so happy you are here!!
January 30 at 11:05am

Karen Bailey I have that intention to live to 100 too, Stephan- just to prove it is possible for my family…
January 30 at 11:07am

Shannon Fisher Yesterday we reached 83 COUNTRIES and people in ECUADOR are watching right now too!
January 30 at 11:11am

Julianne Towan Kulosa So happy to be live with you for today’s talks! Thank you thank you! Yes, thinking long term… did that with my husband and we can with our passion, mission and world…”I’ll be with the perfect man for me at the perfect time”… I imagined by 65, but it happened less than a year after I began to be free from the urgency…YES!
January 30 at 11:14am

Gayle Van Gils Partner up with someone and help each other expand beyond one’s own vision. I love it!
January 30 at 11:17am

Thomas Booher Number one strategy is: What is the highest value to the greatest number of people for an affordable cost.
January 30 at 11:19am

Debora Seidman But what if you do have immediate financial pressures…and are also launching your vision/biz?
January 30 at 11:19am

Esther Frances Just arrived……So glad to hear synergy being suggested……Also the both/and of seeing the urgency and the vision of what is looking to be born. As a Mom who has had the blessing of giving birth naturally, my experience is that it is not a question of pull vs, push or vision vs, urgency but the holding of the vision while allowing the urgency to be acknowledged as an integral part of the process.
January 30 at 11:20am

Megan Lynch What can you do to bring the highest benefit to the highest amount of people for the lowest cost?
January 30 at 11:21am

Kate Rivera How exciting that we are starting Day 3 with Stephen Dinan and Sage. I’m grateful for this chance to gift myself with the wisdom and presence of all these amazing teachers. THANK YOU SAGE.
January 30 at 11:21am

Thomas Booher Debora, you do what you have to do (job) until you start to turn a profit.
January 30 at 11:21am

Esther Frances Just heard Stephan say not both and just as I pushed the button to post. I love the Shift Network. It nourished me when I was out in the sticks of New York state!
January 30 at 11:22am

Megan Lynch The more you can weave the philanthropic into the profit creating synergy!
January 30 at 11:22am

Thomas Booher Key things: Start in generosity, And; Use your relationships to help you build this business.
January 30 at 11:23am

Colleen Dunn Saftler Social Enterprise is the new business model that takes care of both philanthropic and for profit. Take care of everyone. Like Raise The Bar Enterprises does so well.
January 30 at 11:23am

Thomas Booher Build favors through generosity before the ask.
January 30 at 11:24am

Karen Bailey Start with generosity….
January 30 at 11:25am

Tina Theresa Hannah-Munns i love the value driven and i shop through finding who i trust
January 30 at 11:26am

Megan Lynch Thanks Thomaas.generosity before the ask
January 30 at 11:26am

Megan Lynch Synergize the networks of generosity.
January 30 at 11:27am

Esther Frances Appreciation appreciates!
January 30 at 11:27am

Megan Lynch Be generous with your praise and appreciation
January 30 at 11:27am

Karen Bailey Gift people with appreciation and praise
January 30 at 11:27am

Cheryl Latimer Kwallek Mirror back authentic praise,
January 30 at 11:28am

Maribel Rodriguez No competitors, only niche mates…love it!
January 30 at 11:28am

Megan Lynch How can I advance the missions around me?
January 30 at 11:29am

Colleen Dunn Saftler Check out Elisabet Sahtouris for Evolutionary Biology and how it effects our future. She talks about how science supports and proves the model of Cooperation over Competition.
January 30 at 11:29am

Karen Bailey Quid pro quo doesn’t feel good to me
January 30 at 11:29am

Esther Frances Sage, love what you are saying. Have to trust that there are many ways to say the same message, service, each unique to each person.
January 30 at 11:30am

Kayla Moore so much juice and so many hands to write with!! lol
January 30 at 11:31am

Karen Bailey “Listen to the fears but don’t let them run things”
January 30 at 11:35am

Esther Frances I am loving this flexibility regarding money and offering service. This is how I am living and I am getting my needs met, serving, and able to give my services to people who would miss out if I were strict about the value of what I am giving. I also see that I am expanding beyond my old limits, due very much to learning from Sage’s programs, and that feels great!
January 30 at 11:35am

Megan Lynch Magnetic, juicy and alive (nice)
January 30 at 11:36am

Megan Lynch What is your cycle of generosity?
January 30 at 11:37am

Karen Bailey “Urgency is repellant”
January 30 at 11:42am

Megan Lynch Good self care for yourself …forgetting self care causes urgency….which is repellent.
January 30 at 11:43am

Karen Bailey “Don’t lean too far in but don’t lean too far back.”
January 30 at 11:43am

Esther Frances Stephan is a great midwife. I remember being told to stop pushing, and rest when my baby was on the brink of emergence. Sage, great question and wonderful grounded wisdom and advise.
January 30 at 11:44am

Megan Lynch Buoy yourself up …
January 30 at 11:47am

Jan Haley Brightwood Brilliant, inspirational interviews. Loving them all, favourites so far Rikka and Stephen
January 30 at 11:53am

Monica Eguiluz Belizan Shannon how can I claim the bonus gifts. I already made my donation.
January 30 at 11:53am

Karin Stigler Great inspiring Interview with Stephen Dinan! Thanks
January 30 at 11:53am

Laurie Gregory Love! Love! Love! Cant wait to launch my new brand with all of these inspiring nuggets! So grateful Sage!
January 30 at 11:54am

Waxela Sananda Beautiful interviews, Sage! Way to go from a kindred Iowa girl!
January 30 at 11:55am

Elizabeth Wolf Stephan Dinan was inspiring! Great interview Sage.
January 30 at 11:57am

Courtney Brophy beautiful inspiration and advice Sage – thank you so much!!
January 30 at 11:59am · Like

Esther Frances Yes Sage’s sage advise to let the world be what it is. As a lyric in my song “We All Are Alchemists” says, “Bring deep acceptance to what is, transform the world with love.” The greatest success comes from merging our passion with the need…once again a both/and and much, much more. This is the idea of the Bodhisattva, joyously being in the world while in the midst of and alleviating the suffering.
January 30 at 12:00pm

Megan Lynch Beautiful don’t save the planet share what you love and are inspired by
January 30 at 12:00pm

Julianne Towan Kulosa Sage…
The world needs more people that are willing to be lit up from the inside out and let that lead you to service. Desire translates as of the kingdom of God. We are being led by our desires every day. Let that we the entry point of your service.
January 30 at 12:00pm

Megan Lynch Money comes thru people to you when you have services and product that you love.
January 30 at 12:03pm

Click here to head over to the WOMEN Rocking Business Sisterhood Page to Network with & Get support from an amazing group of GLOBAL Women Speakers & Entrepreneurs who are committed to changing the world together.

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