Why Boring Rocks in Biz

Happy Monday, Sister!

As you’re leading your heart-based business, you’ll likely experience a full spectrum of emotions and excitement!

Let me tell you about one of the best feelings you can embrace while growing your business…


In this week’s Monday Motivation training, I’m giving you all the details about why BORING rocks in biz!

When you understand the beauty of boredom, you can…

  • Break free from “bright and shiny object syndrome”
  • Focus on the things that will set you free in business
  • Build a solid foundation for growth and expansion

If you are like me and guilty of trying to do too many things at once, here are 3 action steps to shift from overwhelm to boring.


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#1. Ask the Right Questions

As passionate women entrepreneurs, it’s easy to keep asking, “What’s next?”

You may feel driven to implement the hottest new strategy or create a new marketing channel for your business.

I’m inviting you to start asking yourself some different questions, like…

“Is my message clear?”

“Is my offer strong?”

“Am I solving an immediate problem for my clients?”

“Am I offering a program people will want to invest in?”

It’s so important to work on the foundation of your business – like your message, offer, and programs – if you want to achieve lasting, continual growth.

#2. Create Videos

It’s easy to have lots of new ideas on how to grow your business. The voice in your head may be saying…

“I want to launch a podcast!”

“It’s time to write a book!”

“I need some new blog posts.”

While these are great ideas to consider as your business grows, it’s an even better idea to just focus on optimizing one key strategy before you move on to the next.

The strategy I always recommend to women entrepreneurs is VIDEO. Whether you’re just starting out in business or you’re further along, here are a few ways to leverage videos to grow your business:

  • Post weekly content so you’re getting visible to your ideal clients
  • Create a video challenge to engage your audience & fill your programs
  • Offer free breakthrough sessions or a call-to-action to take the next step with you

Before you chase any more bright and shiny objects, please give your video strategy the love it deserves.

#3. Work on Your High-Level Marketing

If you find yourself filled with creative energy, allow yourself to pour it through your top marketing. When you’re working on your marketing, ask yourself:

“How can I get more eyeballs on my content?”

“How can I fill my programs?”

“How can I make my offer as clear as possible?

Your high-level marketing should have a plan you can implement over and over again, like a video challenge or live event. 

You may feel like it’s boring to wash, rinse, and repeat your marketing — but it will allow your enrollment to feel easier and more fun.

You’ll improve your plan & optimize your marketing each time you implement your proven strategy, so you can keep growing your business while also creating FREEDOM in your life.

Final Word of Advice

Here’s a helpful analogy about why boring rocks in biz:

When you plant one seed and nurture it, it will grow into a strong tree. You can climb it, nestle in its leaves, and enjoy the sunshine.

If you spend all your time planting more and more seeds, you’ll simply have many tiny seedlings.

What you deserve, sister… is to plant a FULL STRONG TREE, so that you can rest into the structure of an abundant business that supports your life, your freedom AND your IMPACT.

Alright, beauty! I hope you’re ready to embrace the boredom in your biz! 

Please drop me a “YES” in the comments if you’re ready to break free from bright and shiny object syndrome. 

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Let’s do this thing…together.


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