Why thinking too much can KILL your business

Thinking & figuring out won’t get you very far if you want to have a business that grows fast, spreads like wildfire, reaches your divine right clients (especially if you’re ready to touch a lot of them) and sustains the part of your soul that wants to shine and stretch and FLY.

My mentor Reverend Deborah Johnson says:

“You have to think less in order to KNOW more”… this applies to building businesses on purpose and from the feminine.

Your mind has finite resources, it’s as if your mind only has access to building blocks like brick and granite… even though there are so many other energies available for actually manifesting or as my beloved client Laura Haykel loved to say “Wo-man-ifesting”.

The mind works with what it knows and only what it knows. When we try to solve a problem with our minds, it’s like we’re moving our tinker toys or Legos around attempting to get an answer.

Looking through the mind is like looking down the tunnel of a microscope, scrutinizing what it sees there… Whatever you have figured out in your mind is only a partial awareness; a piece of the puzzle

Instead, we have to cultivate a sense of non-attachment to what we think we know.

In other words, there are just some decisions in our lives, some transformations, that we have to LIVE into to be able to understand them … we have to take action even when we don’t think we can figure it out- especially when we don’t think that what we want is possible.

Be cautioned that the mind is also repetitive. This is where worry comes from. We’ve taken the present and the past and projected it into the future. In this place there’s no room for possibility consciousness.

BIG TAKEAWAY: Do not allow the facts of your life define what it is possible for yourself and your business.

Learn to take action when an inspired idea comes.

When it starts feeling like hard work, stop thinking about it so much and just walk through it. As you work stay open and ask questions.

Remember conclusions stop the energy while questions keep you open.

Ask yourself, “How can this be easier?” “How can this go faster?” Your mind is built to help you answer those questions, when you ask the ones that expand you.

As you move through the growing of your business like a bird would fly through a canyon… you’ll learn to stay awake, love the journey and soar on the updrafts.

And, whatever you love enough reveals its secrets to you.

We think if we understand it in our heads, we’ll feel safer.
But, we can know things we don’t understand.

MOVE in the direction of your dreams
We cannot learn to swim by standing on the shore.
GET in the water, FLY through the canyon, the currents of your dream business are waiting.

I want to hear what moves you to create the business to touch the lives of the divine right clients who are waiting for you. Please post below & share with me.

If this reading lifted your spirits, please share it with a friend.

Let’s do this thing Goddess… Together.


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