Women Leaders Rising & Season 2 of My Podcast!

Hello Beauty,

I’m kicking off Monday Morning with some exciting news…

Season 2 of my Women Rocking Business Podcast launches TODAY! 💛

***Click Here to Start Listening Right Now!***

^^^Discover the “Women Leaders Rising” theme & more details about Season 2^^^

This announcement comes after a longer-than-anticipated break from creating new podcast content.

Many people have been asking me, “Where has the Women Rocking Business Podcast been for the past 9 months?”

So this news comes with a transparent share about my podcast.

When COVID first hit, we had a 700-person live event scheduled in Santa Cruz, and had less than 48 hours to make the event virtual. It was a HUGE pivot for me and my team, since in-person events are the heart, revenue, and transformation behind our business.

From the start of the pandemic, we made a few promises:

  • Everyone is staying on the team (no roles lost due to shutdown-related budget)
  • We’ll all give 150% to reengineer our entire structure virtually
  • Teach our clients and community to do the same

I’m proud to say, we kept every one of our promises. In a time when the world is still struggling, our clients are…

  • Reporting better than ever results
  • Making a big difference on this planet
  • Giving back to the world through philanthropy

What does this mean for the podcast? 

We’ve documented every step of this journey, and we packaged everything we learned into the most powerful set of free trainings we’ve ever delivered. 

The theme of this season’s podcast is Women Leader Rising, because the world needs women entrepreneurs and our purpose-based work now more than ever. It’s our time to RISE to the challenge of healing our broken planet and make a greater difference…

…because we are the rising tide that lifts all boats.

Season 2 is packed with powerhouse topics, including…

  • How to Rock Virtual Events
  • How to Use Client Success Stories
  • How to Make the Sale Sacred
  • How to Sell Transformational Work
  • How to Create a Culture that Grows Your Business

You’ll take a deep dive into step-by-step strategies that are working for women right now. You’ll learn from incredible guest experts, practice powerful mindset work, get the hottest marketing hacks, and so much more. PLUS, I’m hosting a $2k Podcast Launch Package Giveaway.

I invite you to play to win…

  • A brand new microphone
  • A brand new USB video camera
  • A Podcast Breakthrough Session with Michael Neeley, podcast guru

Here are your steps to enter:


#2: RATE


#4: SHARE on your Facebook & Instagram feeds so the other entrepreneurial women in your network can benefit from this podcast!

We’ll select a winner and announce her in our Women Rocking Business Sisterhood Facebook group!

I can’t wait for you to listen!

***Click Here to Start Listening Right Now!***

Let’s do this thing…together.


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Karen D Johnson
8 months ago

I’m just starting and trying to maneuver my way around. I’m ready. Yes I want to be a change maker

Katherine Sellery
8 months ago

Sage is the bomb!! She walks her talk and the wisdom she shares is timeless and converts, her results speak volumes! I am so excited to have her amazing results shared so generously with all of us and thankful to have her in my corner. Love you Sage!

8 months ago

SIMPLIFY, SIMPLIFY, SIMPLIFY! No more hair on fire! This message is timely for me. I have had more on my schedule than necessary since July! I have too much AND the wrong things. I’m slowing down to record my podcast episodes and to review the amazing content I got from Sage’s program, Elevate. I’m ready to show up, juiced up, and committed to the right clients rather than pouring myself and my priceless energy all over the place.

Jen Gens
8 months ago

“Leaders Rising Gracefully” OMG LOVE IT!

This video was so juicy with GREAT ADVICE & some of the support I’ve been craving with the Fall weather kicking up the winds of change.

Key points:
Focus on the Quality of Relationships.
Listening deeply is so important.

“Many of us are stressing out about the wrong stuff… what matters is that we show up juiced up.. commitment matters more than anything… your commitment to show up… & get back in right relationship… Listen to your ideal clients & what people are asking for.”


Omg and I love the visual of the feminine wing strengthening, to step into leadership that honors both of these polarities within us for more balance. mmm mm mmmmm

& I’m Def going to check out the Samatha Skelly Training!

Thank you Sage!

Oda Romaine
Oda Romaine
8 months ago

I rate the podcast very informative an quick two things I like 5 stars out of 5

Rose Stein
8 months ago

YES! so awesome, thank you for your leadership! I am so blessed to be learning how to lead from you! Thank you for season 2!

Jill WW
8 months ago

Sage inspires, motivates, leads by example, and her podcast is chock full of wise woman words. Keep true to you, keep it on track, at your pace. Gems, cant wait for the rest of this season.

Carol Liege
8 months ago

Great podcast! Congrats on season #2!

8 months ago

Yes that example with the masculine and feminine wings is right on. When patriarchy created monotheism, reducing females to submit, overpowered matriarchy and in nowadays globalizes the either or principle, war is inevitable.The “either …or” and the “as well… as” principle must equally be acknowledged. Thanks for that wisdom reminder.

8 months ago

I am so grateful to Sage. I have been following many of her mentoring tips in setting up my own practice. I am still ‘work-in-progress’ and am constantly in the learning mode.thank you Sage forgiving so much value.

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