Work Hard Play Hard

As you ramp up your leadership…
As you ramp up your visibility…

The intensity of being a purpose-driven entrepreneur ramps up!

So what do you do to make it worth all that intensity?
What do you do to stay in sustainable action?
What do you do to overcome resistance that might arise?

I’ve got two words for you, Sister… PLAY HARD!

(Skip the read and check out my latest video – taken during a helicopter ride! – here to find out more about how playing hard is ESSENTIAL to rocking your business.)

Last month I worked my butt off! Between leading the largest Women Rocking Business LIVE Event so far (with over 500 women) followed by giving my first ever TedX Talk, I didn’t have all the time off I’m used to. So my team gifted me with a HELICOPTER RIDE! WOO HOO!

The helicopter ride was a great example of PLAYING HARD, and why it’s so essential to match the intensity of our business with our rest and play time.

The more you put yourself out there with your business… the more you stretch and grow and take risks to do those things that are so uncomfortable for you… the more you’ve GOT TO have things on your schedule to look forward to; things that MATCH the intensity of all that ramping up.

But you don’t have to take a helicopter ride like I did to play hard! You could…
• Jump in the ocean
• Watch a fun movie
• Go out with a girlfriend
• Take a day off and give yourself a local-mini-vacation
• Do something creative that’s just for you ‘cause it’s fun

Taking time to PLAY HARD will give you the balance you need to create sustainable action. Resting and pausing and playing will help you see you are going towards your dreams… and all the intensity it’s taking to get there is worth it.

Sister, remember: you gotta take care of you so you can take care of your clients, because you’re clients are waiting for you.

Let’s do this thing… together!


Click here to head over to the WOMEN Rocking Business Sisterhood Page to Network with & Get support from an amazing group of GLOBAL Women Speakers & Entrepreneurs who are committed to changing the world together.

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