Year of the Rabbit: What It Means for Women Entrepreneurs (with Dr. LeTa Jussila and Sage Lavine)

Chinese New Year is already bringing incredible energy into 2023!

We’re officially in the year of the water rabbit, and I’m joined by the incredible Dr. LeTa Jussila to share what this means for your business. 

Dr. LeTa is a doctor of acupuncture and oriental medicine and a natural wellness expert. She has a gift for helping individuals maintain and achieve their healthcare goals through connected, natural remedies that focus on the source, not just the symptoms. She’s one of my incredible doctors who has helped me heal tremendously and feel healthy as a woman business leader.

We’re diving into the year of the rabbit teachings, and showing you how to channel its energy to…

  • Be in alignment with your feminine operating system
  • Embrace the rabbit’s teachings to create structures, plan ahead, and thrive in collaboration
  • Step into greater health and prosperity as a purpose-driven woman leader

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The year of the rabbit will likely feel like a “sweet exhale” compared to some of the energy we’ve been feeling on our planet in the past few years. When we think of rabbits, we often think of cute fuzzy bunnies and feel warm and cozy. 

These soft and cuddly creatures bring important business lessons too. Here are Dr. LeTa’s tips for women entrepreneurs to infuse rabbit principles into their businesses:

Don’t focus on a straight line. Rabbits are known for their delightful hops and fast pace – but they don’t move forward in a straight line. It’s okay to feel like you’re going a little “left” and a little “right” in your business leadership. Trust that you’re still moving forward when you feel this sensation. 

Think about your sense of security. Because rabbits are small animals, they have a strong sense of security. Surround yourself with a sense of security by making cautious (not scared) and thoughtful money decisions in your business.

Embrace water energy. Dr. LeTa reminds us that water is a currency. To be in relationship with water, you need to create containers for it to thrive and flow. Make containers for…

  • Your clients (to feel held, seen, and supported)
  • Your money (remember, money loves order)
  • Your relationships (personal and professional)
  • Your self (prioritize your self care)

The year of the water rabbit likely means mellower, less confrontational, low drama energy compared to the tiger energy we received last year. 

Be a team player. Keep this mantra in mind: All of us are more important than me. Rabbits are team players, so it’s important to embrace the power of community, sisterhood, and teams this year. Work for the greater good of the people you serve in the community and the people working alongside you on your team.

We’re already feeling this energy inside the Women Rocking Business Sisterhood, where we’re channeling our core value of “collaboration over competition” which is very much in alignment with the rabbit’s philosophy. 

Plan ahead. Like the rabbit, prepare yourself for what’s ahead. Get in the habit of creating plans for your business. Think of yourself as a chess master. Now is the time to be making smart investments, hiring the right people, planning your next launch/event, etc.

Plus, rabbit years are great for travel and exploration – so try to incorporate some new adventures into your business plan this year. 

Find energetic alignment. Rabbits are associated with the month of March and the Pisces in western astrology. They’re also aligned with the moon, the season of Spring, and new growth. 

Align yourself with these concepts, and try to channel them when you’re visioning for your business.

TIP: Dr. LeTa recommends business planning from 5am to 7am in your time zone for the most abundant energy in this space. 

Connect with your health. In this interview, we learn about Dr. LeTa’s incredible journey healing both herself and her sister from cancer and leading her healthcare practice from a place of inner body wisdom and natural remedies. 

Vibrant health and vitality play a huge role in your ability to lead your business and motivate people, so make your health a top priority this year and tune into your body on a deeper level.

When you have your health, you have a million dreams.
When you don’t have your health, you have one dream.

So now is a great time to stop guessing about your health and seek the answers and solutions you need to feel your best.

I hope you’re just as INSPIRED by this incredible Chinese New Year wisdom as I am!
Please share your favorite tip or piece of wisdom from Dr. LeTa in the comments below.

If you want to keep learning with Dr. LeTa, I highly recommend you check out her webinar and discover how to live in greater health, alignment, and prosperity.

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This is your year, rockstar.

Learn a new skill.
Improve your relationships.
Expand your business.
Channel your inner rabbit.

Your clients are waiting.

Let’s do this thing…together.


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Virlin Lester,MSN,RN,CCM
Virlin Lester,MSN,RN,CCM
1 month ago

Great info. I am receiving the year of the rabbit! I want it all! I agree our body works as a whole. That’s why I believe my calling is to work as an entrepreneur Nurse case manager/consultant in self care planning to create a holistic approach to ongoing self care maintenance for manifesting expected outcomes 💜🙏🏽
Thanks ladies, very informative 🙏🏽

Jane Su-Ming Lai
Jane Su-Ming Lai
1 month ago

Thank you!
Being of Australian Chinese Indigenous
I love Le Ta’s input on Chinese Astrology..
I’m a Holistic Transformation Coach too..
Yes, my intuition is guiding me to be still and enter heart chamber and Higher Self..
Yes, holistic health very important!
Yes! Divine Chi.. Goddess within us.
Law of Intent and Attraction..

1 month ago

I am so glad you shared this with us tonight! When I was meditating today, I saw visions of many different areas of water along with other things. I was wondering why so much water was showing up. Now I know it is more than my love of the ocean and swimming. 😘

Vera Rutherford
Vera Rutherford
1 month ago

Can you take away my food allergies so I can use all of the amazing foods and remedies that are available?

channon mcfarlane - mums that manifest
channon mcfarlane - mums that manifest
1 month ago

she definitely passes the face test! i loved this interview with leTa i learned so much about the rabbit year 🙂 key info: work on the most important parts of your biz between 5am-7am.

Elin Andersen
Elin Andersen
1 month ago

Thanks for the great inspiration! I like the idea that the water element is a currency or a carrier of chi or energy or life force. And I like – manage your chi, not your time – which I’ve been struggling with. I also like – work on your business between 5 and 7 am, and improve your base/support, so you don’t burn out. Start with yourself, and bring your totality to your business. Finally – it is when we receive and care for ourselves, that neuro-genesis, new networks, or brain plasticity develop, and that our body can return to health until we die naturally. Norwegian practical research has shown that old people basically have no more than 1% lower metabolism than 1-year-olds, – and that 77-year-olds (also into their 80-ies and beyond) who are active, even doing high-intensity uphill intervals, – have much better health than sedentary people of the same age. So, there are good reasons to look at health holistically, not only as energy/chi in the form of eating healthy or stressing down, -but also in the form of physical activity, when we are talking about health and well-being.

1 month ago

Awesome interview. And wonderful being introduced to Dr. Lsa!

1 month ago

Oops. I mean the esteemable Dr. LeTa. (I misheard.) 😊

19 days ago

Thank you so much for sharing this wonderful information. The information provided was a confirmation for me. I received it! Once again thank you.

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