Your Goals: The Push & Pull

Do you have a push-pull relationship with goals?

Maybe you know that you have to set goals to move forward in your business, but sometimes you feel like these goals…

  • Make you hyperfocus on numbers (instead of the passion behind your “why”)
  • Intimidated and pressured (what happens if you don’t meet your goal?)
  • Suck the life out of your dreams (let’s be honest – it can feel this way sometimes!)

Sound familiar? I can relate, sister. I’ve felt a lot of “push and pull” with goals while growing my biz. 

I got inspired to create a video for you while on a recent trip to Mexico celebrating the success of my last launch. I was having breakfast with a client and she asked me, “Sage, how do you always hit your goal?”

Watch below and read on to discover my best tips to reach your goals…while making a big difference and amazing income in the process.

^^^Watch “Your Goals: The Push & Pull” Now^^^

First, let me take you back to right before my most recent launch. We were down 200 registrants compared to last year. Here’s what I didn’t do: 

  • Freak out
  • Get caught up in comparison
  • Hyperfocus on the numbers

Instead, I asked myself, “How can I make an even bigger difference for these registrants?”

I took action to give the fewer attendees the best experience possible. Here are the steps I took. (Spoiler alert: we ended up crushing our enrollment goal.)

#1. Offer Pre-Event Conversations

Create an opportunity for your attendees to feel more confident, excited and ready to invest in themselves before they even showed up to your challenge or event. 

#2. Add a Personal Touch

Focus on nurturing a personal experience. My research has found adding a personal touch can convert 10x higher than anything else you can do. It’s more valuable than adding another 10 people to your training.

#3. Consider Your Levers

Ask yourself, “what levers can I pull to give me an extra push toward my goals?” For example, I added an extra free masterclass so people could learn about my event. I also extended a contest where clients could invite friends to attend.

#4. Hire a Mentor

Not sure which levers to pull? A mentor can help. Work with someone who can support you to make pivots or adjustments that can result in a big lift toward your goals.

#5. Remember Your “Why”

Lead from a place of wanting to make a difference on this planet. Make your event or training a transformational space where your attendees are inspired to say “yes.”

When you orient yourself toward making a bigger difference and transforming more lives, the results will follow. At my recent launch, we may have had 200 fewer attendees… but we hit every single goal we set for our launch (and we changed so many lives in the process!)

So rockstar, if you’re feeling some push and pull with your goals, I invite you to…

Play full out.
Know that you are powerful.
Trust your heart is in the right place.
Claim what you deserve.

…and don’t forget to take yourself somewhere beautiful to celebrate when you meet your goals!

Tell me in the comments: what’s your biggest takeaway from this training?

Let’s do this thing…together.


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