Your Hurt & Harm Is part of Your Gift with Elliott Connie

Being an entrepreneur is about giving your gift to the world – and the traumas, the pains, setbacks, and the challenges you’ve had are a PART OF that gift.

In other words… your gifts have been forged in the fire of your biggest wounds.

I am SO excited to share a heart-to-heart I had with the inimitable  Elliott Connie.

He is a celebrity psychotherapist and is one of the most self-aware, kick-ass people I know!

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In this episode, Eliott shares his story of how he embraced his childhood abuse and transformed it into a million-dollar business, invites to hang out with the cast of Barbie at the world premiere, television appearances, and collaborations with New York Times best-selling authors.

During this episode, Elliott takes us on the journey he took to get to where he is today, along with:

  • Why trying to fit in will stunt your biz success – and how being courageously YOU will open up doors to a six- and seven-figure business
  • How to overcome doubt & guarantee that the right opportunities will come your way
  • The perfect reframe to create resilience even when what you’ve tried before hasn’t worked

One of the questions I had for Elliott was how he’s stayed so real, with two feet on the ground, even as he’s risen to success and as his responsibility and leadership has grown.

He admits that it hasn’t always been easy. He tried to assimilate and fit in until he realized it was killing him to not be himself.

He found that the more he became courageous enough to be his authentic self, in all spaces and settings, the more success he had. Every part of his life elevated when he made the decision to look in the mirror and really see himself.

The consequences of being his authentic self are that he gets to be a millionaire and gets to go on movie sets and gets to have a TV show. None of that would be possible otherwise.

If you’re committed to rocking a mentorship-based business as yourself, doubt is going to crop up. Elliott’s brilliant take on doubt is that it weakens your ability to do the task at hand. But the moment you lean into your true beautiful, authentic, wonderful self, success is literally guaranteed. The timing and the details of it may vary, but it is literally guaranteed.

Honestly, there are so many heart-opening moments of truth in this episode, I wish I could name them all. You’ll just have to tune in to the episode to find out what they are.

Join me and Elliott as we dive into the wisdom that will have you saying, “I’ve got this!”

Let’s do this thing…together.


P.S. Learn more about Elliott Connie’s incredible work here. 

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