6 Tips for Speaking Success

The greatest powerhouses and top-paid leaders on this planet all have one skill in common…


Speaking is one of the highest paid skills on the planet and it’s the best tool for women entrepreneurs who want to make a big difference.

Whether you love speaking and can’t wait to hop on stage, or you’re like most of us and you have some fearful energy around public speaking, I invite you to check out these 6 tips to grow a successful speaking business. 

Plus, I’m revealing my upcoming FREE training for women speakers and giving you a sneak peek of the agenda. Keep reading for details. 

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First, I want to share an important lesson I’ve learned in the past decade of growing my 7-figure speaking business.

If you want to be an effective speaker, focus on being authentic…rather than polished or perfect.
(Take a moment to breathe into that, sister.)

Your ideal clients really want the most genuine and imperfect YOU.

Now let’s dive into the 6 tips to speak for success.

#1. Engage your audience from the start.

You only have a quick moment to grab people’s attention, especially online. People are distracted, scrolling, and trying to preserve their brain power. Start by letting your audience know they’re in the right place to attract their attention immediately.

#2. Ask for engagement.

Ask your audience to comment below as soon as possible. Most video platforms like Facebook and Zoom give your participants a place to comment or chat. Prompt your audience to engage in two-way communication by asking a few simple questions that are easy to answer.

#3. Earn the right.

If you want to make an amazing offer… you first have to earn the right to sell to them. Give people great value. First teach them a few great tips and strategies they can use right away, then let them know there’s more where that came from and invite them to take the next step with you. 

#4. Understand the learning cycle.

Implement the 4-step learning cycle to create a transformational environment where your audience can interact with what you’re teaching. The steps are:

  • Evoke
  • Express
  • Make Meaning
  • Integrate

Here’s an article that walks you through all 4 steps of the learning cycle. 

#5. Craft a clear offer.

Make it very clear to your audience what they should do next. For example, you might invite them to go to your website, click the link below, etc. Repeat the simple instructions several times. Oh, and when it comes to your offer, don’t forget to practice, practice, practice. 

#6. Make sure your talk solves a specific problem.

Craft your talk title and content in a way that addresses a specific problem (and outcome) for your ideal clients. That way, you set yourself up for landing more speaking gigs and positioning your services as complementary to other opportunities in the industry. 

Hot tip: When talking about the problem and outcome, use the words your ideal clients are already using to describe them!

Alright, beauty, if you want to practice these tips and start growing your life-changing, successful speaking business, I invite you to pre-register for my Rock the Stage Challenge. 

Starting July 12, I’m going to be leading 10,000 women speakers through a 7-Day Experiential Video Training on how to rock the virtual and live stage. 

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This is a get-it-done training, rockstar. 

Join us LIVE to create & share your marketing materials & get valuable feedback from your fellow students & our Women Rocking Business coaches so you can grow a successful speaking business.

Here’s the first look at our training agenda: 

  • Craft your Magnetic Speaker Message
  • Position your Virtual Client Attracting Talk
  • Create Engaging Videos that Go Viral
  • Enroll High Paying Clients as a Transformational Speaker
  • Monetize your Stage with Hot Offers
  • Get booked on Stage as a Keynote
  • 3 Essential Keys to Fill Virtual Events

The world needs women speakers. Will you join us?

Let’s do this thing…together.


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17 days ago

Thank you Sage for this article, I truly apppreciate it

Minister Bea
6 days ago

Wow,I am ready.This teaching is over due. Let’s Go

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