How I Landed My TedX Talk

I just wrapped up my Rock the Virtual Stage Challenge and it was totally ah-mazing!

Over 17,000 women speakers attended and said “YES” to taking the stage and growing their heart-based businesses.

I’m reflecting on one of my FAVORITE moments rocking the stage…

My TedX talk!

Check out my TedX talk video below and keep reading to discover a few tips to landing the TedX stage.

^^^Watch “The Secret Power of Female Entrepreneurs” by Sage Lavine^^^

It was an incredible honor for me to share my story and my “why” from the TedX stage, especially since I got to travel back to my hometown in Iowa for my talk.

If you want to land the TedX stage and make an even bigger difference, here are a few tips I learned from my experience:

#1. Commit to Taking the Stage

One of the awesome things that happens when you say “YES” to taking the stage is… you can keep landing bigger stages and speaking gigs (and make an event bigger impact with your message.) 

Commitment to speaking is what ultimately led to my TedX talk and supported many of our clients to do the same. 

#2. Channel Your Inner Speaking Style

Women speakers have 4 superpowers within them:

  • Visionary 
  • Motivator
  • Truth Teller
  • Nurturer

I was a schoolteacher from Iowa before I became a speaker… and I truly didn’t know what the heck I was doing in the beginning! But then I discovered these 4 powers, and I’ve harnessed their energy to take the stage and change more lives. 

I’ve been teaching our clients and community to do the same and what I’ve seen time and time again is… we can create so much transformation and impact from the stage when we embrace our superpowers within.

Learn more about the 4 superpowers here and take the quiz to find out which energy is the strongest within you.  

#3. Launch Your Speaking-Based Business

Attracting stages like TedX begins with having a heart-based business to serve as your launchpad. So if you know you have a message within you that you know you want to deliver to a TedX audience… 

It’s time to launch your speaking business (or scale it to greater heights!)

When you’re able to dial in your message and marketing, you can jumpstart your speaking success and take big steps toward the stages of your dreams.

I’m leading my 3-Day Rock Your Online Sales Retreat in a few weeks and I just released discounted tickets. When you attend, you’ll…

  • Craft your 90-day launch plan & get feedback
  • Uplevel your message, money, and marketing
  • Get my proven system for growing a purpose-driven speaking business

Grab your discounted ticket here. 

Now get out there and start working towards your TedX talk, rockstar.

If I can do it, so can you.

You got this, beauty! 

Let’s do this thing…together.



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2 months ago

I truly felt it when you said we are enough.

Janet Martin
2 months ago

I LOVED your Ted Talk! Not only are we enough, we need to tell others when enough is enough- both verbally and physically! #Aspire2Inspirej

Fazila Karolia
Fazila Karolia
2 months ago

This was a powerful talk. Even though I’ve heard your story a few times before, I still feel the passion you exude in your work.

2 months ago

Just taking the quiz is affirming and empowering! From my results, I learned I’m more of a motivator. Knowing my superpower gave me the confidence to seek bigger stages, including the TEDx happening in my town. Thank you, Sage, for continuing to inspire us all. 

2 months ago

Wonderful, heart-felt talk, very empowering, thank you for sharing your wisdom and passion that we’re all enough!

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