How to Fall in Love with Sales

Last week’s Rock the Stage Challenge was off-the-charts AMAZING. 

THOUSANDS of women who joined us from around the world and said “yes” to growing their speaking-based businesses in 2023.

Now that so many women in our community have the tools to rock the stage, I want to take some time to talk about how to fall in love with SALES. 

(Plus I’ll be sharing all the details about my free sales training that’s happening later this week!)

#1. Retrain Your Brain

Consider your biggest block with sales. As women, we have many of them.

Were you influenced by salespeople on your journey who made you feel like sales were grimy and pushy? (That “used car salesman” energy.)

I invite you to think of sales from a different perspective.

Think of a sales transaction that made you feel really good. Maybe it was…

  • Your favorite car
  • Your go-to sweater
  • An investment with a mentor

That’s the energy you want to bring into your sales conversations. 

#2. Be Present

The most influential and successful salespeople on this planet are highly skilled at being present in the moment.

So bring this practice into your sales conversations.

Be present.
Listen to what your potential clients are saying they want.
Stand in the transformation with them.

#3. Show Up for Your Clients’ Transformation 

Sales are exciting and totally fall-in-love-with-worthy because they represent the commitment between you and your potential client. It’s the moment where they see the transformation that’s possible when they say “yes” to you. 

If you have any worries that sound like “what if they don’t get the results I promised?” and that’s holding you back…

Remember the solution is to show up.
Do what it takes to feel amazing about your products and services.
Be an inspiring mentor.
Create a space for people to step into their greatness.
And stop being responsible for them. It’s about interdependency, not codependency! 

If this is resonating with you and you’re ready to start…

  • Changing your relationship with sales
  • Enrolling more clients though easy, authentic, love-based strategies
  • Stand in your value and rock your sales conversations

Then I invite you to grab your free seat at my 3-Steps to Rock Your Sales Masterclass.

>>>Click Here to Sign Up 

You’ll get my proven system to rock your sales in any economy, and take steps to get more VISIBLE…all with the support of our community who has your back. 

Will I see you there?

Keep falling in love with sales.
Keep showing up.
Keep saying “yes” to the clients who are waiting for YOU.

Let’s do this thing…together.


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