How to Release Your Debt & Money Shame

Are you experiencing shame around having debt?
(Comment below if you can relate!)

If so, today’s training can help you release that negative energy and…

💛 Get to the front side of debt, money, and wealth
💛 Change the way you think about borrowing money
💛 Create more financial freedom & abundance

Plus, you’ll start upleveling your money mindset as a women entrepreneur (which you can do in-depth at my upcoming 3-Day Rock Your Online Sales Retreat!)

Let’s dive in.

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#1. Make More, Keep More, and Keep Your Cost Of Living Consistent

This quick formula is so helpful in paying off debt!

As your business grows and you generate more income, try not to make any big leaps in your cost of living expenses. (This is how you get caught up in the “rate race” or “keeping up with the Joneses” mentality.)

I’m NOT saying DON’T spend any money. 

Buy yourself something new.
Take that vacation.
Celebrate our business wins.

…but try to keep your cost of living consistent, and when you do make increases, do so gradually.

#2. Have a Place Where Money Increases

Create at least one account where your money is steadily increasing – even if it’s just a small amount to start!

It can be a savings account (or in our community, we like to call it a “freedom account”) where you’re putting away money on a regular basis.

Quality and consistency are more important than quantity. Set your transfer to savings every week or month, so you get in the mindset of seeing your money going UP.

…so you can feel like a woman who walks in this world knowing that you have money.
(How powerful is that?!)

If you’re looking for a book recommendation around this strategy and mindset, I highly recommend checking out The Trick to Money is Having Some by Stuart Wilde

#3. Change Your Debt and Money Mindset

Debt happens when you enter into a money-borrowing agreement with a lender.

That’s all it is.

So beauty, try your best not to feel so shameful about it! Borrowing money is a legit and smart thing to do as a business woman.

Pay off your debt, but try not to feel rushed or shameful in the process. 

Instead, try to work on feeling comfortable moving money around.
Diversity your money strategies.
Get into the energy of “having.”

#4. Remember the Purpose of Money

My dear friend Michael Beckwith teaches us that “the purpose of money is to create the opportunity to do more in the world.”

The biggest reason why it’s important for you to walk through this world knowing that you have money… is so you can do what it takes to feel rejuvenated, on-purpose, and ready to change more lives.

Because that’s what opens the door to you creating greater transformation.

Being a transformational leader means you need more self-care and support, and having money can help you feel more resourced.

Know that YOU are a woman changing the world.
Release your shame around debt or borrowing money.
Get into the mindset of financial abundance.
Make that deposit in your freedom account.

You deserve this…
And so do your clients who are waiting for YOU!

Let’s do this thing…together.


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