Sage Finds Love After 10 Years As a CEO! 

I’m in LOVE! 💛

After ten years as a CEO, I’ve found next level love with my incredible fiance, Drew.

I’ve never felt more in love.
…and I’ve never felt more on purpose.

I’m frequently asked questions like:

“How do you balance having a love life and leading a business?”
“Do you have to make sacrifices to have love and success?”
“How did you attract a man who is mission-driven like you?”

That’s why I’ve brought in my incredible client & love expert Junie Moon to interview me on how to find, nurture, and prioritize love as a woman entrepreneur.

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Here are my top takeaways from this love-based conversation.

Never be too busy for the people that you love. 

As an entrepreneur, it may be tempting to fall into the seduction of working all the time. But my number one rule is that you have to prioritize your friends, family, and partner. Answer the phone when they call. Check in with them. Have their backs. I promise you, it will make your success so much more meaningful. 

Know that you need safety.

We achieve safety by choosing our people, and showing up for them… then trusting that when you need them, they’ll show up and support you. 

Claim your credibility.

Avoid getting your identity and credibility woven into other people. Be mindful of your independence and codependence… and find ways to shift into interdependence.
(Remember, we’re not meant to do it alone!)

Find balance.

Drew and I find balance by making plans. If I know I have an immersive few weeks in my business, I schedule time and space for us to enjoy each other without distractions.

Listen to your body.

Love yourself. Practice self care. Take breaks when you need them. People want the most authentic version of you (not a robot) in all areas of your life – including love and business. 

Keep putting yourself out there.

No matter how many dates you’ve been on, how many tears you’ve shed, or how many years it’s been… don’t give up. Don’t settle for less. Don’t listen to any voices telling you that the flavor of love you’re looking for isn’t out there. Keep putting yourself out there and you will find the love you’re after. 

Look at your relationships.

Spend time with people who light you up. Give more of your energy to relationships where you feel fulfilled and balanced in the “give and take.”

Be the woman who you’d want to be in a relationship with.

Listen hard to the feedback you’ve had in past relationships, and work on shifting away from feelings of control of love blocks in your life. (This one takes some courage, sister, but it’s worth it.)

Stand in your purpose.

Give the gift that only you can bring to this planet, and you’ll be surprised at how you can attract someone who is mission-driven and shares your values. 

Bonus Tip: Give online dating a try.

It’s a great way to meet people, quickly sort through potential partners, and let the universe know that you’re ready for love.

I’m so grateful for this incredible conversion with Junie! If you’re looking for more love wisdom, I highly recommend you check out Junie’s website and follow her online:

You can also check out this blog article where Junie explains Next Level Love and walks us through the four love shadows. 

Know that you deserve love.
Open yourself to receiving love.
Live with purpose.

Let’s do this thing…together.


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