Speak to Sell: 10 Quick Tips

Hello women speakers!

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I’m sharing 10 of my favorite quick tips to put together a talk that creates transformation & attracts high-paying clients. 

Check out the tips below.

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  1. Provide a mini transformation. Use your free event or training to create a “mini” transformation for your ideal clients… then let them know there’s more where that came from. 
  2. Appreciate the sacred investment. Remember, when people pay… they pay attention. That’s why you can create an even bigger difference for your audience inside your paid programs. 
  3. Create an outline. You don’t need to write a detailed script for your signature talk. Craft an outline that serves as your roadmap for sharing your message, story, and offer. 
  4. Begin with engagement. Don’t start by introducing yourself. Instead, make it about your audience by asking engaging questions. (Learn more about creating engagement here.)
  5. Practice two-way communication. Create connection and trust with a two-way communication flow. Nurture engagement between you and your audience by asking them to answer questions, practice small action steps, engage in the comments thread, and more.
  6. Pay attention. Check your chat thread, acknowledge your attendees’ responses, and make them feel seen and heard. 
  7. Tell a story. Content sells… but stories are what sell. Choose a story that mirrors what your clients are struggling with, highlight the turning point, and wrap up with the end result or transformation. 
  8. Deliver on your promises. Remind your attendees what they’ll discover during your free training and deliver on the promises you made in your marketing.
  9. Give an overview. A mentor once told me, “Tell them what you’re going to tell them. Tell them. Then tell them what you told them.” 
  10. Commit to your speaking biz. Speaking is one of the top-paid skills and the personal development space is the 2nd fastest growing industry – the world needs women speakers NOW. 🙂

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You got this, beauty! Your clients are waiting.

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