Women Rocking Business Podcast With Sage Lavine

S2E11: 3 Tips to Lead an Engaging Virtual Event

If you’re thinking about rocking a virtual event and wondering, “Is it really possible to provide a transformational experience virtually?”

The answer is a huge, “YES!”

In this week’s podcast episode, I’m sharing my 3 hottest tips for you to create an engaging, transformational virtual event that will leave a lasting impact in your attendees’ lives. You’ll discover how to…

  • Establish a 2-way learning environment so your ideal clients can truly absorb & practice the content you’re giving them
  • Leverage Zoom breakout sessions to create intimacy & community
  • Create a transformational space that changes lives & inspires “yes”

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S2E11: 3 Tips to Lead an Engaging Virtual Event

Welcome to Women Rocking Business, where we are here to help you rock yourself, rock your life, and rock the world as a woman entrepreneur, because the world needs you and the time is now. I’m Sage Lavine, CEO, trainer, unretired, camp counselor, and best-selling author of the Hay House book Women Rocking Business. We’ve had the honor of serving over a hundred thousand women entrepreneurs around the globe, just like you, who are here to do more, be more and have more by giving your gift to the planet. So let’s dive in. 

Hello rockstars! If you are interested in leading virtual events…I just finished mine and I’m so excited to give you some tips to get you going this week and to get you thinking about not only how you would teach at a virtual event, but how you can go out there and make videos, client attracting videos, to find your clients, engage them, and really create the intimacy and the trust and the connection that equals currency.

Sage Lavine 


Write that down. Connection really creates currency. 

So, first of all, I recommend you consider, as you’re putting online events and videos together, consider how people learn. There’s a saying that says impression without expression leads to depression. I’ll say that one more time. Impression without expression leads to depression. I think it’s so critical to make sure that as you’re setting up online events and any time you’re going to be with people longer than 20 or 30 minutes, that you give people time to express and integrate what you’re learning, that you don’t just fill them full of content the entire time.

Sage Lavine 


Because if they don’t have a chance to engage, it’s likely that they’ll forget most of what you taught them. When you engage your potential clients or your audience online, now you’re in a two-way conversation…and that creates a lasting impression rather than just a little bit of content, which is c’mon like content is a dime a dozen. So I’m curious, what’s your favorite way to engage your potential clients? For instance, you can have them type “yes” into the comments. Like I’m going to ask you to do that right now. Go ahead and type “yes” into the comments if you actually just love events, if you see events, live events, online events as a way to transform people’s lives and I’m curious type “yes” here if you actually have had some kind of healing or transformation attending events yourself. 

Sage Lavine


I know I have.  had a lot of trauma. I had a lot of stuff that I grew up with in childhood that I was able to actually heal by attending events. That’s one of the reasons why I love events so much. So again, you can have people type yes into the comments thread. You can have people answer a simple question in the comments.

Okay, rockstar. If this content is resonating with you, and if you see yourself speaking, taking the stage, building an online speaking business in the future… I’d like to invite you to take my Speaker Superpower Quiz. It’ll just take 2 minutes. Whether you’re a visionary, a truth teller, a motivator, or a nurturer, I’ll send you a bunch of business growing hacks based on your speaker superpower, so you can take a deep dive into your superpower and really learn how to leverage it to rock the stage and find your clients online. You’ll get my favorite tips to use all 4 speaker superpowers to grow your speaking based business, grow your confidence as a leader and make an even bigger difference on the planet leading both virtual and live stages. Just take the free 2-minute quiz at www.womenrockingbusiness.com/quiz. That’s www.womenrockingbusiness.com/quiz. I cannot wait for you to discover your speaker superpower!

Sage Lavine


Another great way to help people really engage and express what they’re learning is to use the breakout function in Zoom, which is so cool. You can put people in small rooms and give them some kind of a sentence stem or a short exercise to do to go around the group and, you know, complete the sentence. 

It allows people to get to know each other. It allows networking to happen, and it allows people to start to feel a real sense of community because – here’s the thing you guys – content is really a dime a dozen these days. I mean, you can get online and you can find the answer to any question within just a few moments. I mean, my mom is always saying, “Just go Google it up.” Google knows the answer, right? 

Sage Lavine


But when you’re creating an experience for your ideal clients, when you’re actually creating a place for them to learn and grow and post things and comment on each other’s posts, you’re now starting to really not only change their lives, but to create a sense of community. Brene Brown says that a sense of belonging is the biggest driver of human behavior… that seeking that sense of belonging is really the biggest driver of human behavior. So why would we go out there and get our message out into the world and not take the time to do that? Right? So this event that I just wrapped up, it was so sweet.

Sage Lavine


We had hundreds of women from all over the globe and I left plenty of time for Q&A and hot seats and time to get these women in Zoom rooms. We actually had to create separate Zoom lines so that we could get everybody in small groups because Zoom has a limit to how many groups you can actually place people in. So my team figured out how to put different links on a dashboard. We got women in Zoom rooms every day in small groups, working on their marketing materials, working on crafting their offers and really working on upleveling their money blocks. It was such an honor to see these women transform, grow in their confidence, breakthrough the things that have been holding them back and design their marketing materials and really work on drafting their 90-day launch plan.

Sage Lavine


So they have a real sense of what they’re doing over the coming weeks to go out and find their clients. So sister, rockstar, if you like me are drawn to making a big difference with events, with videos, by creating transformational spaces for your clients. Don’t hesitate. Take some notes. Take some time this week to set aside, to really start planning out your next events, your next virtual trainings, your next videos. It would be my honor, of course, to support you to continue to rock the world, rock the stage and to rock your clients’ lives. Thank you for being the very best part of Women Rocking Business.

Sage Lavine


I think you’ll agree that with the world going crazy the world now more than ever needs places and spaces where people can gather and feel safe and let down their guard and be vulnerable. The world needs you. The world needs us. The world needs the army of light workers that are ready to go out there and change lives. So don’t hesitate. Let’s get out there and I’ll see you next week.

Sage Lavine


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