Women Rocking Business Podcast With Sage Lavine

S2E2: Asking for the Sale is Sacred

If you’ve ever dreaded a sales conversation or felt resistance to talking with potential clients about money…

It’s time for a shift.

Today I’m teaching you why asking for the sale is SACRED, so you can…

  • Hear more “YES!” from your ideal clients
  • Shift from resistance to excitement in your sales conversations
  • Feel confident asking for the sale & enrolling new clients

Here are my favorite tips to embrace your sales conversations with confidence.

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S2E2: Asking for the Sale is Sacred

Welcome to Women Rocking Business, where we are here to help you rock yourself, rock your life, and rock the world as a woman entrepreneur, because the world needs you and the time is now. I’m Sage Lavine, CEO, trainer, unretired, camp counselor, and best-selling author of the Hay House book Women Rocking Business. We’ve had the honor of serving over a hundred thousand women entrepreneurs around the globe, just like you, who are here to do more, be more and have more by giving your gift to the planet. So let’s dive in.

Hello, rockstars! The topic for this week is why Asking for the Sale is Sacred and how to make it sacred and how to open up the doors for your ideal clients to flood in and say a resounding “yes” to you.

Sage Lavine


How does that sound? Wouldn’t that be nice? Because how many of you are still hanging out in like… “Oh, I don’t really want to have to talk to somebody in order for them to hire me. I wish I could just take money off the table and I could just help people without having money get involved.”

How many of you would like to be even more confident at the enrollment conversation and see it as this sacred, juicy opportunity. If you are a “yes,” for just being more confident about this part of your business and embracing it and not resisting it and not just saying yes to your clients, but saying yes to the process that you are going through in order to actually invite your clients into your world.

Sage Lavine


So I just moved into a new house. I’m adding an addition to my sanctuary here in Santa Cruz, a couple blocks from the ocean. I’m putting a big office on the front of my house. So I moved out for eight months so that that construction could happen. I flew back in last night from my two week unplugged vacation on my lake cabin in Northern Minnesota with my family. It was so good. I hadn’t seen them in over two years because of all that’s been going on in the world. And my life is in complete disarray. Like I woke up and I don’t know where anything is. My team moved me into this new house while I was gone. It’s like amazing because my clothes are in my closet and my food is in my fridge.

Sage Lavine


But I still don’t really know where anything is. So thank you to my team. You’re amazing. Like what an incredible thing to walk into a house that’s already been moved into. 

It was a chaotic morning – not to mention that I dropped my phone in the lake and I pulled it out very quickly. So I thought it was fine, but it’s not fine. So I haven’t had a phone all day. So in addition to living in a new house, all of a sudden, I also don’t have a phone. 

So the reason I’m telling you this is because this morning I had to get really present to what was in front of me. What did I actually need? I didn’t need to know where everything in my house was.

Sage Lavine


I just needed an outfit. I needed a pair of earrings. I got very present. Here I am doing my day anyway. What I notice is happening on the planet right now with more and more momentum, things are speeding up. People are getting sick. People are struggling. These presence practices are a more valuable commodity than ever before. Breathwork, meditation, yoga. The gifts that you bring to the table are more valuable than ever before as a coach, consultant, healer. The gift of being present is something that the enrollment conversation gives you the process of enrollment, the process of making selling sacred.

Sage Lavine


It actually becomes more important for you to be present. It’s a presence practice. Your attention is brought fully into the moment when you’re talking about the possibility of somebody hiring you, right? Actually enrolling a client is something that requires your full attention.

It requires your full attention not in spite of the fact that people are thinking about investing and getting out their credit card. It requires your full attention because of the fact. The enrollment process is not sacred in spite of the fact that money is on the table. It’s sacred because of the fact that money’s on the table, our lives just like my house and moving in like late last night is reminding me that the most important thing I can do is to be present for each moment.

Sage Lavine


I can’t possibly do everything at once right now. My OCD is kicked up like off the charts right now. Life is constantly reminding us to be present in your business. The enrollment conversation are also reminding you that no matter what words you use to describe your services, you being present, you being available energetically, is the most important thing.

Sage Lavine


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Sage Lavine


Selling become sacred because there’s a sacred energy exchange that’s happening. Your potential clients are considering investing in themselves through your services. Remember that they’re not thinking about investing in you, they’re thinking about investing in their own future. This is a huge shift that can make a big difference in your ability to confidently enroll clients. Your job is to stand in the transformation that you know is possible for your potential clients. Your job is to stand for your commitment to them, but to also feel out how committed are they to their own results.

Sage Lavine


I know a lot of you have learned questions along the line. Like it’s important to understand how committed your clients are. Like, how committed are you on a scale of one to 10? I’ve found that that question can feel… it can feel a little bullyish if you don’t bring more intimacy, right? 

Nothing about the enrollment conversation should really be robotic. The more you can minimize and even eliminate any friction in that connection, the safer it’s going to be for your clients to invest. So, rather than just asking about their commitment, I recommend that you ask a question like, “So I heard you say that you want more than anything to meet your soulmate, to find somebody that wants to travel with you and to be walking, you know, arm-in- arm through Italy or through Brazil, traveling around the world and cuddling up with somebody at night to watch a movie together, like that’s something that is just, it’s more important than, than almost anything else in your life. I just kind of want to check in on that, like on a scale of one to 10, this vision of you having your person to come home to every night, is that something that you’re a level 10 committed to? That means you’re willing to put time and energy and resources toward really creating that? Or are you lower on that scale? Are you a level 10 or your level 1 or you level 5? Like where are you at?” 

When you’re tying that commitment scale back to what you heard them say they want, in their words, you’re creating a sacred dance and the sacred dance is not just, “will you hire me?”

Sage Lavine


The sacred dance is, “Are you committed to a transformation that I can also be committed to with you? It would be my honor, to be able to hold you accountable, to taking the steps, to clearing out the past, to clearing out past wounds, to stepping into your greatness. It would be my honor to be able to do that for you and with you, and how committed are you to that, right?”

If you’re in an enrollment conversation, or if you’re making an offer to a group of people, you’re not just trying to convince them. They’re not just vetting you, but you’re vetting them. Are you the right client for me? It’s no less Sacred than going out on a date. It’s no less sacred than going out on a date where you might meet your potential partner.

Sage Lavine


Right? Cause how many of us have had relationships with our clients? We’ve had clients come through our lives that change our lives. You know, our clients change our lives and we can change theirs. 

The enrollment process is a sacred process of determining whether this is a fit for two people. It’s an energetic dance. I find that the more we can embrace that and the more that we can include money as a beautiful part of the exchange in our hearts and our commitment that we have to showing up for our clients, the easier it is for two people to decide, we want to create this for you on your behalf, and we want to create it together and we’re committed to creating it together.

Sage Lavine


That’s when this stuff gets really fun… because you get to build a business that changes lives. Because people are investing, not in spite of, because when people pay, they pay attention. 

So I invite you to head into your next enrollment conversation, head into your next opportunity to make an offer for your services even more clear on the languaging that you want to use to really lay out the possibility of support…and then to really get curious about your potential client’s commitment, because commitment is sacred. Your commitment is sacred and to do your own work to further step into that commitment that you have… to why you got into this business in the first place to change lives and to grow a business that you love waking up to with clients that you love serving.

Sage Lavine


So I’m going to continue to organize my new house. Thank you for being the very best thing that has happened in the Women Rocking Business community. We are here doing what we do because of you. Continue to plug into the sisterhood in the Women Rocking Business Sisterhood group. Congratulations for being on the mission that your are on. Your clients are waiting for you. They are not waiting for someone kind of like you, they’re waiting for you. 

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