Women Rocking Business Podcast With Sage Lavine

S2E4: How to Sell Transformational Work

You have a life-changing gift that the planet needs right now.

If you want your ideal clients to create…

  • Deep transformation 
  • An authentic & vulnerable experience
  • Lasting change to better their lives

…then it’s so important you learn how to sell transformational work!

In this podcast episode, I’m sharing my favorite tips for selling deeper, more vulnerable work to your ideal clients and creating transformation in their lives.

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S2E4: How to Sell Transformational Work

Welcome to Women Rocking Business, where we are here to help you rock yourself, rock your life, and rock the world as a woman entrepreneur, because the world needs you and the time is now. I’m Sage Lavine, CEO, trainer, unretired, camp counselor, and best-selling author of the Hay House book Women Rocking Business. We’ve had the honor of serving over a hundred thousand women entrepreneurs around the globe, just like you, who are here to do more, be more and have more by giving your gift to the planet. So let’s dive in.

Sage Lavine


All right, incredible rock star women! If you have ever wondered how to actually sell a deep transformational experience to your clients, or how do you sell something that’s just a little bit more vulnerable of an experience, or if you include any kind of deeper transformational work in what it is that you’re offering, and you want to know how to talk about it so that that people really get it. As we lift off into this week, the planet is in a really vulnerable, uncertain and crazy moment, and I don’t know that it’s going to stop being vulnerable and uncertain and crazy anytime soon.

Sage Lavine


The climate is changing. Politics are changing. Women’s rights are repeatedly being brought up in question like what happened, right? Like some of us are going, “We fought this battle already.” So I want to speak to how to really actually use this important moment to fill your practice and fill your group programs and stand out online rather than shrinking in the face of uncertainty or thinking, “Oh, there’s too much going on” or being, you know, knocked off your center, right? Losing your sense of balance and certainty because of what’s happening in the world. We don’t want any of that to happen. I’m putting a stake in the ground that you remember that you’ve been called to grow this business because it’s this current moment on the planet and not in spite of.

Sage Lavine


So number 1, can you sell deep transformational work? Abso-freaking-lutely!

I know a lot of business pedagogy out there. What is that word? Pedagogy, whatever pedagogy, that word… a lot of the traditional business advice will tell you, “Oh, you know, keep those deeper pieces out of it.” I disagree. I think people want to go deep. I think people want transformation. I think people want to, you know, cut the bullshit. I think people want to know they’re going to be in a supportive, authentic environment where they can bring their full selves. I think people want to know that you’re going to be holding a space for them to truly transform and not just on the surface. 

Sage Lavine


For those of you that are going, “Well, can I really provide that kind of a transformation over Zoom? Don’t I really need a live room to be able to do that?”

 I actually feel very strongly that the answer is no, you do not need a live room. Let’s just pause and think about this for a moment with video conferencing, with the ability to do a small group breakouts in Zoom on video. We’ve had events with hundreds or even thousands of people attend and we’ve had women absolutely in tears moving through so many money breakthroughs, moving through so much old resistance to valuing themselves and really claiming what they’re worth. If I can do it, if we can do it, if my clients can do it.

Sage Lavine


So can you, I mean, think about it. Have you ever been on the phone with somebody and they held a space for you or they said something that totally changed your life or opened you up? Have you ever been watching a movie or something on TV or something in a movie theater where it just like woke you up? Like seeing what people are capable of experiencing being up close and personal to other peoples’ shero’s and hero’s journeys. That’s what you’re being called to create in your business next. So it’s not that because you do deep transformational work, you somehow can’t build a business or it’s going to be slower for you. I actually think it’s becoming an advantage.

Sage Lavine


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Sage Lavine

Back in the day in ancient Asia, it was actually the surgeons that were at the bottom of the pay scale. The healers, the energy workers, were at the top of the pay scale. They used to get paid all the riches in ancient Asia. I feel like the world is slowly returning to a place where those of us who are working with more sensitive and subtle energies are becoming more and more valued.

Sage Lavine


So I just want to say from my heart to yours, sister, get out there. Yes. Lead with results, lead with benefits… but don’t leave out the transformational work that you do. Here’s an example, one of our incredible clients, Sofiah Thom, you may know about Sofiah. She has a body of work called Temple Body, and she’s realized that when women really get in touch with their deeper wisdom, that is in their bodies, it’s locked up in their bodies, they get clear on their purpose. They start to feel more confident and more aligned with what they really want to do in their lives, in their livelihoods in their careers even. So she’s more and more speaking to and leading with the purpose, clarity and the, the transformation and the passion reclamation that happens when you walk the path of listening to your Temple Body, but she’s not leaving out the fact that she holds a container for women to go so deep and to excavate what’s inside.

Sage Lavine


She’s just done an incredible job. She’s reaching tens of thousands of her ideal clients, and she’s doing multiple six figures of income. I’m so proud of her. 

If you also have a message, that’s got a deeper underbelly. I just want to put a stake in the ground that you realize that right now, that message is more important than ever. And that you think about the results and benefits that you’d like to lead with, but that you include the transformational space that gets created when you work one-on-one with clients, or when you work in small groups with clients. 

Here’s a quick selling tip. If you work in small groups with clients, one of the things I think is important to speak to is that many of us have trauma.

We have blocks. We have resistances that got put into place in relationships. Arguably everybody has some of that, right? And the work that you do, creating transformation, it’s not only essential. It’s what’s needed to transform the wounds. We can’t actually transform wounds that were put into place in relationships with other humans. We can’t necessarily transform that just by reading a book, we need to be interacting. That’s what makes your opportunity to launch your business, get online and bring video conferencing into what you offer so precious and so valuable and something that you can start to really charge more and more for, because you’re not just putting together a one-way monologue.

Sage Lavine1


You’re putting together a context that is experiential, where there’s two-way communication, where people can be involved, right? It’s experiential, it’s a transmission. When people become a part of what you’re doing, when they become engaged, why would they want to go anywhere else? Because now they have connections. They’re building relationships and they’re getting visibility. They’re getting witnessed. They’re getting feedback, right? When they post inside one of your social media groups, they’re getting feedback. When they get on one of your Zoom lines, they have their video camera on. They can interact with other people. When you create that kind of an environment where people get to be a part of something, remember what Brené Brown says?

Sage Lavine


Brené Brown says, “Belonging is the biggest driver of human behavior.”

So if that’s not exciting and good news, I don’t know what it is! All right, sisters, thank you so much for being a part of the Women Rocking Business community, and I love you all. Now go find your clients. 

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