3 Steps to Rock Your Transformation-Based Sales

If you know it’s time to… Skill up in sales & enrollment Uplevel your offer Overcome your sales-related dread …then let me introduce you to transformation-based sales. It starts with a mindset shift. One thing I always tell my clients is, “sales is representative of the transformation you provide.” In other words, sales is actually […]

How to Create a Culture That Grows Your Business

Your business CULTURE is a huge component of creating a business that you want to wake up to every day.  Whether your business is big or small, nurturing a positive culture is the key to building a business that grows for you.  I’m teaching you how to create a business culture that will… Bring you […]

Feel Like You’re Selling Air? 3 Tips to Stand In Your Value

Do you ever feel like you’re selling air? If so, it’s time you experience a mindset shift & feel amazing about what you’re offering your clients. I’m inviting you to stand in your value, so you feel… Strong & confident leading your business Comfortable raising your rates & charging what you’re worth Ready to serve […]

3 Strategies to Overcome Fear in Business

Today I’m talking about one of your most requested topics: Overcoming FEAR in your business. So if you’ve ever felt fear and thought… “What if I fail?” “What if things don’t go my way?” “What if I have to face my biggest challenges?” Or even… “What if the business I grow becomes too big and […]

Can Business Really Be Easy?

Being an entrepreneur with a purpose-driven message has its share of challenges. You’ve got to be self-motivating. You’re taking something near and dear to your heart and putting it out into the world for people to pay you money for. And the learning curve is steep! So Goddess, here are three of my favorite tips […]

Proper Prosperity Consciousness

I was in Minnesota at my family cabin and balancing the energies of: Scarcity vs. Prosperity Doing vs. BEING I know you know what I’m talking about. Building a business can feel like a MAJOR Balancing ACT. As I’ve been launching this book… I’ve been getting SO CLEAR on WHY WE CHOSE Entrepreneurship in the […]

(Video) Intentional 7-Figure Partnerships

I don’t always talk about this part of my success but I truly wouldn’t be where I am without my partners. I have a group of partners I meet with several times a year, including Jeff Walker, Justin Livingston, Susan Peirce Thompson and more… these folks are committed to supporting me to grow my business, […]

Why Vulnerability, why NOW?

I was just in Vancouver with a bunch of my mastermind partners discussing the future of internet marketing. We talked about how we’re reaching the “end” of the Wild West “gold rush” online- as you’ve noticed it’s becoming harder and harder to stand out… The one thing that’s working better than ever to stand out […]

(Video) Navigating Transformation in Leadership

Ok I almost didn’t share this video with you- it’s LIVE and RAW after a sweaty bike ride up a tall hill to Gaudi’s Mosaic Park in Barcelona!!! But the content is solid and the video answers a concern I often get from my clients … so here goes. Whether you’re going through a bumpy […]