3 Steps to Rock Your Transformation-Based Sales

If you know it’s time to… Skill up in sales & enrollment Uplevel your offer Overcome your sales-related dread …then let me introduce you to transformation-based sales. It starts with a mindset shift. One thing I always tell my clients is, “sales is representative of the transformation you provide.” In other words, sales is actually […]

How I Landed a Spot in a Millionaire Documentary

I have some really exciting news to share with you… I’m being featured in my first documentary! Millionaire Within Her is an amazing docu-series that celebrates dozens of women entrepreneurs who are paving the way for the next wave (including you!) to earn more, lead more, and BE more.  ***Register to watch Millionaire Within Her […]

3 Online Visibility Hacks for Women

There’s never been a better time for women to focus on online visibility. The planet needs your unique gift more than ever, and I want you to have the confidence to rock your marketing & get visible in the virtual world. Here are my top 3 online visibility hacks for WOMEN:  ^^^Watch 3 Online […]

My NEW Podcast is Officially Launched!

I am so excited to announce I just launched my NEW Women Rocking Business podcast! I can’t wait for you to tune in & learn about the AH-MAZING content I have planned – including exclusive training from guest experts, my latest proven business formulas, online tips & hacks, and more! (Click here to check out […]

tips from the six-figure structure queen

I was just at a gathering with a bunch of my Mastermind partners at Jeff Walker’s Secret Headquarters in Durango, CO… and I had an opportunity to learn from the structure queen, Melinda Cohan… WOW – Melinda gave me some incredible tips I want to share with you. Here’s the video… Here are some of the […]

My first year living alone

Last year I purchased my dream home, two blocks from the beach in Santa Cruz. The truth is that as a schoolteacher from Iowa I never thought I’d be buying a house in California, much less a $1 million home so close to the beach. You think this was a story that would be pain-free… […]

(Video) I went surfing & discovered….

What do you do when the passion runs out? What do you do when you find yourself procrastinating the key decisions you HAVE to make to move your business forward? I found the answers to these questions and more while catching a wave last weekend and was reminded of this surfing video I made on […]

(Video) I got to hang with Jack Kornfield

I just got to hang with Chip Connolly and Jack Kornfield at the Wisdom 2.0 conference which is all about creating a bridge between technology & mindfulness. I have a few pearls of wisdom to pass on to you. Just like these incredible leaders, you are a bridge builder, not unlike my friend Soren who […]

The Holy Grail of Business (Barcelona #2)

I got on a train in Barcelona, not sure whether I would make it to my destination, Monsterrat, Spain, to visit the temple that houses the original Holy Grail from the Arthurian Legend. According to legend, many of King Arthur’s knights dedicated their lives to finding the Holy Grail. They believed it offered redemption for […]

Breaking the Rules in Barcelona

How do you know when to follow the rules and when to break them… In your business? I mean we started our businesses to break the rules, right? But sometimes breaking the rules can get us into trouble… Here’s a few tips on Rule following & Rule breaking…LIVE from Barcelona: Here’s to you rocking your […]

(Video Hawaii #4: What to do when you’re “Coming DOWN”)

If you LOVE travelling and going to transformational workshops… it’s essential to know how to integrate those experiences into your business when you get home. Let’s face it, after we expand… there’s always a “COME DOWN”. Here’s 3 Keys to COME DOWN gracefully … And Integrate your Expansion for Greater IMPACT (& INCOME) Please forgive […]

Hawaii #3: Getting OFF the Adrenaline

Relying on Adrenaline to RUN you in your business will take its toll in the long term. Over the last few years – I’ve seen the MOST SUCCESSFUL, CONSCIOUS, LOVING and PRESENT Entrepreneurs are NOT relying on adrenaline… So Goddess, here are a few of my BEST TOOLS to get you off of adrenaline so […]